Sunday, January 6, 2013

How has Week 0 of school been so far? (Yes, it's just week 0!)
Well, it has been exhausting, but exciting all the same.

I don't really remember what happened during lessons, but this year I have been blessed with fabulous teachers - from what I see so far, they are so amazing and I have a feeling my education is in really good hands this year. I rarely get such vibes so I'm so glad I do this year, especially when I'm a Year Four and it's sort of the "most important" year of secondary school life. 

So, how has Orientation been? 

Well, it has been a crazy three days! 

Led the school in school cheers as SIMU 2013, 

Made our first appearance as Channel 5 - House Capts '13!

Met Waddle's Year One Waddlians during a very successfully organized and executed Station Games (thank you French Fries)!

Had a pretty good House GM with my lovely yellow kids (': 

It's been so so so draining, but at the same time, my spirit feels brightened as I get myself involved in Orientation and House related matters. 

Now, it's back to three days of lessons before another two days of Orientation - the last two days of Orientation, and undoubtedly the most draining yet! 

Let's make the most out of it

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