Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week 10 has been absolutely amazing (': 

The whole week was spent doing the things I loved, which was mainly House and MPP! The main events were meeting with our student mentors, Sports Fest and MPP sleepover + presentation (:

Met our student mentors at NUS Law Faculty on Tuesday! 
The five of us are seriously the coolest yet most retarded kids ever. We didn't take lunch beforehand and when we reached their canteen, it was closed as it was their holidays, so we had to walk all the way down the horrible hill to a prata place and had prata lunch! Which was pretty good. 

It was really really amazing spending time with the four of them, I'm so glad I joined their group and MPP is really something that I'm really interested in so Research Studies isn't such a bore. We were such sweet people and also because of the tea incident that happened when we last met our student mentors, we got some tea for them from the prata place and Mel even decorated the cups with their names. It was so cute. 

Before meeting our student mentors, we had quite a bit of free time (actually, no, we didn't, but being the ridiculous people we were...) so we PhotoBoothed in the campus itself. It was such a pretty campus and I think we were making quite a bit of noise and were absolutely shocked and scared when this mature woman walked out from the building to where we were and starred at us. It is evident that we had a lot of fun though. 

The meeting with our student mentors was once again, really fruitful and I really appreciate all the time that they have committed into our project, our group is really lucky to have gotten the two of them.

Friday was amazing too (':
Waddle is such a wonderful house. 
Waddle House Comm is such a wonderful house comm.

Sports Fest has always been one of the events that I really look forward to throughout the whole year. It's where and when my pride and love for Waddle becomes much more tangible and the event really gives me the strength to go forward, to spur me on to do something greater, something larger for my House. 

In a nutshell, Waddle's performance at Sports Fest was really good! 1st for Sportsfest Challenge, 2nd for Overall, and 3rd for Cheerleading! So so so proud of Waddle, not many houses won't something for everything! 

They announced the Captain/Vice-capt nominees during Sports Fest and it's quite amazing thinking about how I've grown together with House, and it truly means so much to me. In Year One, I was just a little kid dancing mass dance - yes I was probably an enthu sec one, but to be honest, I didn't really like our mass dance. In Year Two, I joined House Comm and was given so many opportunities, including running for Waddle's Vice Captain. Now, in Year Three, I'm so privileged to be part of CELL (the wonderful group of people pictured in the photo at the top of this post :D) and now preparing to campaign for Waddle's Captain.

Everything seems so surreal, and it's hard to believe that time is passing so fast but I'm trying my best to take everything as it comes and to make the best out of everything. I am fully aware that I've been given so many opportunities and I really don't want to let anyone down. A week ago, however, I had quite a horrible mindset but after Sportsfest, I think it really doesn't matter who gets it as all three of us are equally good and we are all unique and would do our best for Waddle. Jiayou Angelia and Jing En! :D 

Oh yes, and really sorry, Jing En, for what happened at Toa Payoh! I'm sorry for being so indecisive!

Anyway, afterwards, in the evening, I went to Mel's house for our MPP sleepover.
We were so so productive, and so so sleepy, but it was so so fun. I love those kids, really! I thought our presentation was pretty good and we were pretty prepared. Little did we know that we would get thrashed the next day at ACS(I) during the presentation. 

Look at those sleepy heads beside me!

As I was saying, we were grilled by other expert and student mentors which left us stumped in front of other schools. Although it was a little embarrassing, it was overall a good learning experience and will definitely aid us in improving our Bill!

This week has been amazing. 
It's the holidays now. 
Time to tidy by life up a bit. 

On another note, Mr Desmond Choo has lost the Hougang by-election. I am very upset by this. Although I wasn't expecting him to win, I expected his vote share to improve a fair bit and that the margin between the two candidates get much thinner but his vote share only increased a few percent. Thoroughly disappointing. He is still such a gentleman though, I'm full of admiration for his attitude. 

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