Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pretty photograph Tiffany took and sent it to me via Twitter cos I told her I liked raindrops on car/ bus windows (': Yes, I think you guys should know that already.

It's Sunday. Sunday night. 
This week has been draining (as usual) - I should probably find a synonym or another word that has a more severe meaning. 

I don't feel like I've done anything very productive this weekend but I still feel quite accomplished. Sorted out ORA, finally did Guides Tee design and sorted out my thoughts, most importantly.

On Thursday, I had a pretty high fever and terrible throat infection and I actually had to see a doctor! Which I don't usually do, so that was something. I didn't expect my temperature to be 39.8 degree Celsius but the doctor showed it to me and I was quite shocked. I mean, I thought I was still 'alright'. So I had to take 6 different types of medicine, which obviously made me really drowsy. 

The thing was, I had a Math PT proposal thing due the next day and my group wasn't even half done. I insisted on going online to work on it while my mum was just screaming at me, asking me to sleep cos I was sick and that I shouldn't be so stubborn and besides, I'm not the only one in the group but I felt so irresponsible. It was really a reminder to me that I was truly becoming quite a workaholic, not caring that much for my body but rather what was due the next day. If only that applied to homework. 

I stayed at home on Friday and felt so much better and again, I wanted to go back to school because we had House Comm appraisals. I know I shouldn't have gone because my parents felt that I was putting too much emphasis on work and that I wasn't "indispensable" - I should really have focused on fully recovering. But I still went and it was quite an eye opening experience because I remember being just as nervous and insecure last year with Anissa and Joeline - and I would probably be like this too when my appraisals happen next Friday. 

But I'm so glad I went, because afterwards, Chunyen, Louisa and myself went to get Starbucks and fish and chips (for them) and fried curry chicken for myself hehe. Yes, I do realize I was just recovering but I don't regret it (': It felt really good after all the stress from the week just hanging out under the escalator at Plaza Sing! The two of them made me feel a bit more secure about my academics, although I'm still quite worried for it. 

Oh sighpie. Tomorrow is Monday. 
Tomorrow marks the start of Head Prefect Campaigning.
Judging from Fiam and Foveo, I really don't know if Fidu will be able to stay strong. But I believe we can (': 

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