Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm so glad the week is over. It has been utterly draining.
Did I mention how I slept at 4pm when I came home yesterday without bathing or anything and I just woke up this morning at around 7am? 15 hours of good sleep (': Woke up a stinky mess, but a stinky mess of energy. 

Anyway, shall do a quick update which I have been wanting to do for a long time but didn't manage to have enough time for it. Super overdued stuff, but they mean a lot to me, so I really have to blog about it! 

Last Saturday was dedicated to Guides (': Definitely a nice breather from my hectic life. Guides is always so wonderful because the values and things we do are so different from the normal fast paced society we live in today. We are so basic, doing things like handicrafts and stuff like wood chopping. I really love how disconnected to technology we are when it comes to our activities. It's just refreshing and so damn amazing. 

So we had South Division Day which is really special to me as it has been an annual event ever since I became a Brownie in P3. Every year we have almost the same sort of activities but to experience it with different people means the most to me. Joined a pretty strange competition that involved art and recycled materials with Yixi and two sec ones - Rachel and Yuka - and we actually won 2nd, to our surprise.

In the evening, I went to RI01's campfire! (: I had intended to give a link to my post on RI01's campfire last year, but after reading it, it's utterly embarrassing to, so I'm not going to. Go search for it yourself if you're interested! :D 

Had an amazingly fun time with my batchmates who went for it, I love you guys so so so very much, and being very crazy with wong wong who kept insisting on camwhoring in the middle of the crowded places! 

RI scouts have once again put up an incredible performance, although I must admit that last year's one was a little better. They never fail to impress though, with amazing dance moves and choreography. I liked this year's theme, it reminded me of Lord of the Flies (for which I'll have to study for this weekend, gosh Literature exam on Monday!), or perhaps even Hunger Games because of the inner savage theme. Again, it was truly a wonderful avenue to relax and let loose, I really enjoyed myself there! I hope RGGuides will be able to put up a wonderful Annual Assembly this year and next year's too (more importantly) since it's my batch's! 8) 

Tuesday was an incredibly refreshing day. After school, I decided to go to Ang Mo Kio library. To those who don't know, it's actually situated very far from the busier/ commercial part of Ang Mo Kio (amk hub and the mrt station) and it's pretty ulu (for the lack of a better word), surrounded by greenery (it's next to a florist!). And well, that's the kind of atmosphere I adore! It felt simply wonderful taking a slow stroll there, admiring the trees around me and having most of the pavement to myself. 

The library holds many memories to me, really, as I used to go there almost every week when I was young and as a kid, the playground really wasn't my favourite place. Rather, the library was. I thought back to how my parents wanted my brother and I to develop a crave for books and knowledge and I really appreciate it.

If you ever have a chance, do take slow strolls, it will really feel super relaxing and yes, I've reflected a lot during the walk. I am taking every opportunity to do so, and took another walk to Ang Mo Kio library again yesterday and this time, I borrowed many self help books because my life now is really quite crazy and books are quite calming for the soul (': Currently reading this book! 

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