Sunday, April 1, 2012

I can't believe it's already April. 
Time is passing way, way, way, way too fast!
At least it ended on a high note.

On Friday, went to watch WICKED with Nai, Gillian and Valerie.
Boy, was it amazing (': 
Really, it was such a wonderful experience and the musical was just too awesome.

Went to eat with Nai before meeting Gillian at Marina Bay Sands (first time there, it was so beautiful and grand!) We went to the rooftop outdoors but there were many strange flies buzzing above nai's head going in circles which really freaked Gillian and myself who could see it so we decided to go indoors and the flies dispersed. 

Then we went into the Grand Theatre which was actually pretty small, but Grand all the same. There were so many RGS girls and all of us were so excited (or rather, I was so excited!) To be honest, I didn't know a lot about Wicked, and wasn't exactly a fan but I've heard so much about it and it was my first time watching a real musical.

The show was just amazing - the choreography, the dancing, the stage placing and I absolutely loved the live orchestra and the live singing. It seemed recorded and the way they had to move around stage and sing at the same time was just incredible, really. It's difficult to put into words how wonderful the musical is; it just is and you have to see to believe it.  

I think Jemma Rix is crazy good as Elphaba, her vocals are so powerful and strong and when she sings, it just seems so effortless. Everything's rehearsed to perfection, I'm so so so lucky to be able go for such a beautiful production. Catching up with Nai, Gillian and Val felt wonderful too (': Friday was an almost perfect day, in my opinion.


Especially Defying Gravity. Elphaba just rose up into the air and it was seamless. 

Had MPP on Saturday - Bill Writing Workshop as well as Meeting with our student mentors; wasn't too bad a day :D 
It's Monday tomorrow, but at least there's only 3 days of school this week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Thursday's been declared a holiday for us due to good A level results in RI(JC) and Friday's Good Friday. 

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