Thursday, December 8, 2011

Army food's pretty good. 

It wasn't crazyyyyyyy good, but it was relatively okay and quite balanced, although I wouldn't mind a larger helping. So my brother got enlisted this morning, it was quite an experience being able to tour the place and it definitely gives parents (and siblings) a peace of mind. I wasn't that worried as compared to my parents of course. 

The journey to Pulau Tekong was really long though, I hated it. We had to gather at Pasir Ris Interchange before proceeding to take a shuttle bus to the SAF Jetty and sitting a ferry to the island where the Basic Military Training  (BMT) course will be held. When we reached the place, it actually looked like a resort at first sight, or less exaggerated, a nice school. It looked really modernized and not like a campsite in the wilderness which I had imagined it to be.  Soldiers these days get it way easier (but still tough) than my dad's time, or even before! 

The place actually looked and felt like RI. I think it was because of the all-boys kind of feel and the only all-boys school which I have stepped in was RI. That kind of feeling was quite good and I guess it probably made my brother feel more at home. The NS men there seemed really friendly (perhaps they would evolve into strict beasts when the guests have left the island) but overall it seemed like a pretty good place to go (as in, parents would probably be less anxious after touring the place). We passed by new recruits that got enlisted just a while before my brother's batch and they all looked super young and un-buff but they were waving to us and the atmosphere wasn't what I would have expected of an army. I'm not saying that Singapore's National Service's standards are dropping or that they're becoming more slack but what I really admire was the feeling of brotherhood between the guys. It was a work-and-play kind of ambiance, I guess. 

After all the admin and ceremonial procedures, we had an experience of how army food tasted like. It was actually quite good (like I mentioned above)! Then it was time for us to leave. Nothing got emotional, the tour definitely gave parents the impression that their sons weren't going into anything life-threatening, which was true. My brother actually looked really cool in the NS men black thick frame specs, he should continue to wear that in future. 

I'm glad there weren't any tears or anything, it's actually quite amusing how I initially thought that there would be. However, it's difficult to deny the fact that something has changed and my brother is definitely stepping into a new stage of his life - defending the country. It sounds drama and everything - as if Singapore will be attacked by enemies etc but I actually feel quite proud of him. SAF has worked their patriotism magic on me.

Time is passing really fast, no one can really deny that and my maternal grandparents were present at my brother's enlistment today because my mum had remembered my grandma commenting a long time ago when my brother was young that she wanted to witness the baby she was holding in her arms (my brother) at that time enter the army and fight for the country. Having them there made me realize how fast my brother (and myself) have grown, from such young babies.

They were aging, and I didn't want that to happen. So are my parents. It's only a matter of time, (taboo as it might be) before they pass away. It's something I had to face and I didn't want that to happen. However, death is unavoidable, all we can do is to cherish the ones we have right now.

Speaking of cherish, I'd like to apologize to my mum (she won't see this but as long as ) for arguing with her in the car on the way back from my brother's enlistment. It's difficult to imagine why I got so angry and pissed off at such a trivial matter that is even embarrassing to mention again. At first, I was still fuming and got really irritated at her, even after reaching home for quite some time. Then I watched a video just posted by WongfuProductions.

It made me realize the things that parents/ families do and that sometimes we overlook the most important things. I actually cried really badly while watching this. I thought of everything my parents (especially my mum, in this context) have done and felt quite bad about throwing tantrums sometimes when they have tried so hard to give me the best and everything. 

cherish (':

p/s: As I was typing this blog post, my brother just made his first phone call back from the army camp! He said that dinner wasn't as good as lunch = lunch was for show for the guests :D hehehe but he's surviving and said that everything's not too bad! Most exciting part : He shaved his head omg I really can't imagine. 

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