Saturday, November 26, 2011

Okay that video is absolutely unrelated but I never knew that Kurt Hugo Schneider made such wonderful videos. I used to think that he was just the guy behind Sam Tsui and other youtube singer's covers until he posted a cover of himself singing recently and I went to look for some of  his own covers. This video's really old, it's posted more than two years back but I love it so much. Especially the rap

The past few days have been really unproductive and not meaningful at all. 

Today, however, was different. I'm so glad Ragini asked me to volunteer with her at MINDSville! At first, I was quite unwilling as I didn't feel like leaving the comfort of my home. But I eventually agreed and I'm so glad I did. Thanks Ragini! It was my first time there and surprisingly MINDSville is actually within walking distance from my home. I'm quite ashamed that I never knew such a place existed before this but with it being so near my home, I'm thinking of volunteering there on a regular basis. However, I would have to convince my mum first because she doesn't get why I like doing CIP (yeah, I actually enjoy it, I was just really lazy when Ragini first asked me), she thinks that CIP hours are the most important and I shouldn't do it if they weren't going to be calculated/ reflected in my report book or anything because my past few CIP events weren't calculated and she got quite angry with me. 

I don't think we should be doing CIP for the point of getting the hours although that might be important. We should do it to give back to society, to help the less fortunate because manpower is really lacking at such organizations nowadays. People are too busy with their daily lives to volunteer but that's another story.

We gathered at MINDSville to bring the children there out for an outing to the Annual Christmas Fair at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. It was a walkathon followed by a carnival/funfair sort of thing. Every volunteer was to be paired with a child 1-on-1 and we had to be with that kid throughout the entire event. The atmosphere at the Christmas Fair was really good, with people from all 6 charities under the Children's Charities Association  turning up. 

I was paired with a girl (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to reveal names or anything like that so it's best that I don't), who remained relatively well behaved throughout the entire bus journey and walkathon although she was supposedly a really difficult child, causing a fuss during last year's Christmas Fair. We hit off pretty well, and although we had to converse at a pretty slow pace, with her zoning out at times, it was quite interesting to be talking to her and the experience of handling such a child proved to be quite memorable

The walkathon was really enjoyable, it was like some sightseeing walk along the Orchard area - loads of eye candy (; The girl kept asking me when and where the funfair was (she was really excited about food!) and I told her it was after we finished the walkathon. When we finally finished 1.5km (it really seemed much more than that! I can't believe it was shorter than the NAPFA distance), we headed to the funfair and it was when her tantrums flared. I wouldn't elaborate on it but it was quite an experience. I wouldn't say it was a negative one, but I've learnt quite a lot and sometimes, we can't show mercy. I guess I really need to understand these kids a little better in future! :D

I think doing community service is really quite meaningful, I personally gain a lot of new experiences, exposure and I feel like my life's worth a little bit more (: I have definitely not changed anyone's life but I hope that the little things I do, or intend to do as I grow, would impact someone in one way or another.

yay let me do some tag replies :D I should appreciate you guys more, since you guys are quite hard to come by!

20 Nov 11, 22:51
((((((:: i think liyin is very awesome. :D

HAHA thanks ragini! :D I know it's you, really appreciate it but I wasn't affected much (:

20 Nov 11, 23:05
:D: (Y)

(Y)! (: Thanks for always tagging and reading my blog (': I'm not a very interesting person but I feel appreciated so thank you! 

25 Nov 11, 16:11
jingennn, ♥: HELLO! Omg I think Enchanted Airways is scary too. D: But no one screamed so I had to suprpress my screams :b
25 Nov 11, 16:12
jingennn, ♥: YES I AGREE the mummy ride, you don't actually know where you're going (: PITCH BLACK and the wind is SHIOK (:

Hehe hi Jingen! :D Back from Shanghai? Thanks for tagging and I know right, Enchanted Airways quite scary, I don't know why everyone was so calm ): The Mummy ride was really good though (: 

25 Nov 11, 22:37

Hi WONGWONG! (i think i'm the only one who calls you that & it sounds quite awful) :P hehe instead of spending time with Italian guys, you should read my blog more often! :D Yeah, who's pretty? You are! (; 

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