Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Went to Universal Studios Singapore with Emily yesterday and it was beyond awesome (except for the fact that my shoes were killing me and I have 6 blisters on my feet now and the skin around that area is peeling). But all in all, it was quite fantastic! 

It was kind of like a birthday outing for Emily, since her birthday was this month and we didn't celebrate it properly so I brought her to USS! It was my second time and her third time, but well, there are new attractions so it wasn't completely boring. 

The last time I went to Universal Studios was with my mum, who has high blood pressure and the only roller coaster I sat was the Mummy ride - which caused my mum to almost faint and had to rest for an hour. This time, Emily was the outgoing one and I was really afraid of the Battlestar Galatica (Yeap, in the end, I had no guts and didn't take it but... I'm not regretting since I'd probably would have died in the seat because my family has a history of heart attacks and high blood pressure so (:)

I'm proud of myself for sitting the kiddy roller coaster about three/four times though :D It's called Enchanted Airways and I think it was really scary but apparently it wasn't, according to Emily. But I gained more gut as I progressed. Closed my eyes the first time and slowly opened them. I'm not scared of the feeling of  roller coasters, but rather the height of them (which is why I love the Mummy ride cos you can't really see anything and you don't know how high you are, which provides comfort to my nerves) 

Still enjoyed  the classic Shrek 4D movie and the sweet ferris wheel (: I love slow and cute rides, not scary and thrilling roller coasters! I guess it's because of my terrible fear of death. Really, I cannot come to terms that life has an end and I might touch on this in another blogpost. 

Then there was the Transformers ride. It was scheduled to open to the public this December and at first I wondered if we should have postponed our outing to December but we didn't in the end. The amazing thing was that they had a technical rehearsal yesterday and they opened it for a limited period of time. We were like the beta testers for this Transformers ride which was making its world premiere in Singapore!  I guess we could safely say that we were one of the first few people in the entire world who sat on that ride since Emily saw that the ride was kind of opened and we went to ask the person and were allowed to go in :D and we were. No one really noticed it yet so we were really honoured (': 

How was the ride? It was really amazing! We got to sit in this roller-coaster look-a-like thing which really moved (no it wasn't those chairs that were moving sort of thing, it was even better!) and I think the vehicle which we were sitting in was probably one of the Transformer's body thing and got transported into the movie and there were like screens around us which was so crazily realistic. We were like in this whole battle and the effects were really so realistic and it was like a psychological ride but not really (I'm kind of incoherent now) I would deem this ride as a roller coaster + 4D movie hybrid. I don't want to reveal too much since it hasn't made its official world debut but that ride is my favourite ride hands down. I can't really describe it and don't really want to because my limited vocabulary would no doubt give no justice to the awesomeness of it. 

After the ride, we went for lunch at some Pizza Palour! I love how even the eateries are themed to go according to the various zones in USS. I think we were in the Hollywood/ New York area.

Super good dessert! I think it was some strawberry + cream thing, they just called it "Dessert of the Day"


When paying for the food, I had made some friendly banter with the cashier man. He was telling me that the Transformers ride MIGHT be open later in the afternoon (such a kind guy to inform us about it!) and then I was like "Yeah, in fact it's open already. We just went for the ride and it was really good!" He agreed and we started going on about how wonderful it was :D Emily was wondering why we were chatting cos she didn't hear what we said. But I absolutely love all the USS staff! They're so friendly, personable, fun and cheerful! It just adds to the entire gay atmosphere of theme parks! During the school holidays when I'm sec four, I would love to get a job there but I highly doubt they have part time jobs ): 

We met Marilyn Monroe! :D Her skirt wasn't flying but she was quite pretty (: I have no idea why I can't rotate the photograph but ahh well! 

Some random performers! The last time I went, these performers were Asian 8D Now, they hire Caucasians. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing though. 

Woody Woodpecker from Looney Tunes! 

We stopped for some ice cream from Friar's at Far Far Away. The last time I went at the start of the year, I had this same Princess Fiona Ice Cream as well at the same place and it was only after reading Romeo and Juliet as my Literature text this year did I finally realize why the eatery was furnished in such a manner. There were stained glass all around (as can be seen below) and the place was just like a chapel! Like Friar Lawrence's chapel! It was really cool when I finally saw the connection. 

We also went to Mel's Drive Thru and I loved how the place was set like those lovely diners with the red and white comfy seats. Think Cee Lo Green's Forget You / F*ck You music video

Love this vintage jukebox! It was just for display though D: Didn't actually work. 

Emily had Iced milo and I had Coke Float (Y)

We met Charlie Chaplin! I love Charlie Chaplin! As in, the real one. He's such a phenomenal television actor! This actor was not bad too, I love how he stays in character so well, making everyone laugh with his visual actions and keeping mum!

All in all, Universal Studios was amazing  (': But I wouldn't go there again in the near future though! It's a bit too small and it gets a bit boring sometimes. 

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