Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm sorry I haven't been posting so so long. Life has been ... really interesting (':

Batch 11's Graduation two days ago.
It was touching, it was sad. This batch is a really special batch, I feel like they were the ones who were the seniors that had authority and experiences but yet were close and personal to all of us. I'll miss them so so much. I doubt any of them read my blog but thanks for all that you guys have taught us, we really really appreciate it. Especially my Guides and House Comm seniors (': I love you guys.

But a more important message the graduation ceremony made me realize was that four years is really not long and that we truly have to treasure and make the most out of our time here at RGS because no matter how tough the going is at this place, it's a wonderful experience and I don't want to leave with any regrets in another two years' time. Two years is really short. It just seemed like yesterday when I stepped into RGS as a sec one but I've grown so so so much.

Next year, I won't be with the same class anymore. We'd be split according to our subject combis. Yes, no more 204'11 ): It's difficult to accept this reality but oh well, life still has to continue. This year, our class has truly become so much more bonded. Did I mention that we got 3rd in Drama Nite (YES MY DREAM CAME TRUE HAHAHAHHA! putting up a high school musical show in front of the sec ones and twos + parents was an amazing experience. It wasn't scary at all actually, but that's another story :D) PLUS we got 3rd in NetCarn as well! Our class spirit was truly lifted and it has been such a truly wonderful journey with these 35 other girls I love so dearly (': I LOVE YOU GUYS OMG

Anyway, after the grad ceremony, I went to Bishan for Service Learning and after that, Gillian, Jielin, Angelia and myself headed to Junction 8 to chill 8) Cotton On was having a crazy sale, it was all super cheap. Bought two pieces though I regret now and should've bought more but that's besides the point. We headed to the ladies (ehehe I'm speaking so daintily) and well, there was a tune playing. I heard it and I was like, "OMG is that George Watsky's song?"

Yes, this awesome guy is George Watsky, by the way (': 

And well, I started getting really emotional and I teared. 
Not exactly crying but my eyes became really wet. It was so crazy! I don't know, but I felt that George Watsky's such an awesome and sweet guy [seriously, see his vlogs!]. He's so extremely talented and he stays true to his beliefs, not caring about anything else. I felt so happy for him because he was finally getting a fair bit of exposure in my country! Even if it's just the restroom. 

I was so happy for him. But uh, I shouldn't have been happy actually because I made a mistake. Because he actually did a rap remix thing for a famous song and included it in his mixtape album. I kept listening to that remix that I thought it was his original! So the song in the washroom was actually the actual famous song ): Not his version. I felt a bit cheated when I realized this awful truth but it was the first time I actually teared so randomly for an artiste! George Watsky has a special place in my heart. 

I'm quite a random person omg I feel quite retarded now. 
This post is quite haphazard. Shall attempt to redeem myself by replying to my tags :D 

:D: yes, I've heard about it (; hahah it's' gonna be so so so super duper awesome, really! but shakespeare's quite a bore especially if it's graded xD
fatima: awwh hahah (': i'm so glad you guys enjoyed watching me (embarrass myself) but yeah I actually really enjoyed being up there. 

okay this made my post even worse. okay bye :D 
i made peanut butter cups today by the way. 

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