Sunday, October 30, 2011

First and foremost, thanks so much to everyone who has tagged in my tagbox/ spoke to me/ messaged me regarding my previous post. Don't worry, I was in a state way better than how I had actually appeared to be in the blogpost. I was never really affected by academic results (those who know me do realize that I don't get emotional with the marks I attain) to the point that my parents think I don't really care. 

At the point of time when I wrote that blogpost, I was just hit by some sort of identity crisis - don't worry, it's not the real sort, it's just a sudden attack of the psychological thing. I'm sorry if I scared anyone, I'm still me. Thanks for all the concern though, really (': Blogging has become such a wonderful pastime and a great way to gain confidence and confide in people. I don't know why people read my blog but I'm thoroughly glad and grateful that you guys do. 

You know, I love how everything is sparked by wishes, or just a single wish (': 
Almost everything I do is because of the wishes I make, the hopes I have. How else does one continue to live without a pushing factor to encourage the person to make the most out of her life? Wishes are such a wonderful thing, it's a yearning to attain something, it's just really powerful.

I'm really glad that I have many wishes and most of them get fulfilled. Even the most obscure and strange wishes that I might have deemed impossible earlier become reality a few years down the road when I might have even forgotten about this whole wish. I guess I'm really a very lucky person. 

Alright so, I have always loved High School Musical a lot, since 2006 when I was just nine years old, to the point that I knew every single lyric to every song in the production and I watched all three movies countless times. It was a series that particularly stood out for me because of how it related to me. 2006 was the year I transferred to my new primary school, just like the character Gabriella Montez who just transferred to East High and the theatrical sequel, HSM3 was about graduation and it was released in 2008, one year before I had to graduate from my primary school - I remember going to catch the movie in my first outing together with my Primary five class and the experience was just so good (':

Yes, so I have a serious obsession with that film and I have always harbored this secret dream / wish to somehow stage a remake of this show. I used to sing the songs in the bathroom (explaining my ever so long showers) and pretend that I was Gabriella or Sharpay. I was so young when I had such a wish and this was definitely very very impossible. Like seriously? How was I going to do it and why would there even be a reason for me to do such a thing? For our P6 Graduation concert, we were allowed to put up a performance. I had wanted to suggest this but I was too embarrassed to since HSM was not considered to be an "in" thing anymore. This strong dream of mine was almost forgotten. 

This year though, for Drama Nite, the Sec Two classes were told to put up a performance to do with Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". That very day, I went to Gillian's house with a few other friends to watch some movies and we caught High School Musical. Angelia, the class chair and myself, the vice chair, saw the uncanny similarities between both stories - both couples met in a party, both go through obstacles to get together and although High School Musical has happy endings, it's still really similar!

We decided to stage our class' performance in a musical format. Script was written, cast was chosen, dances were choreographed, props were made. It was going to be a big production and we all knew it. Our class really got together in this period and I was just so happy because my long time dream to stage this show was about to be fulfilled. 

Our class when through the auditions and we're through to the finals with two other classes! It's not about winning but it's about being as a class before the school year ends and we will be split into various different classes next year (': I am especially elated because my child hood dream is going to be fulfilled soon (this tuesday to be exact!) and to think it had used to be such a far fetched dream. I'm really really nervous though (: 

I really really want to marry a pilot when I grow up (':

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