Friday, August 26, 2011

Tomorrow's Polling Day , I really really hope that Singaporeans will make an informed choice .
Oh , the joys of being underage , stripped of the privilege of voting .

I think many of us will be able to make better choices than some of the adults . But of course , if they truly allow it , it will be quite chaotic .

Gosh , I seriously do not want a freak result ; Stephanie and I plan to go vegetarian for one week to show our support for a certain candidate . Like if he didn't get it , we will go vegetarian (: (Well , she's going vegan) A bit difficult for me since I don't exactly enjoy vegetables - I never touch my greens . Vegan will be abstaining from dairy and eggs , this sort of stuff - that will be very difficult for me . But hopefully that candidate will get it !

okay i seriously need to study .

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