Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm so disappointed .
I need to pull up my socks .

Got back some papers recently , pretty badly done , don't wish to elaborate .
Okay , maybe not THAT bad , but well , it wasn't good .
Makes me wonder if I should actually take up so many leadership positions .

On a lighter note , Service learning makes me very happy and contended (: Today we went to MDAS and it was our last session with them ! It went pretty well and it was a great slow relaxing pause to the usual hectic lifestyles we lead , it gives me a sense of fulfillment , really . kevin and syahrun weren't there but it was still pretty awesome .

My piano exam is in a month and one day , i'm pretty nervous and really really afraid but even more , EYAs are in about 4 weeks time and I high doubt I'm very prepared :X

Might not be updating as often ; I'm sorry but I need to pull up my socks seriously . High .

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