Tuesday, August 9, 2011

singapore , you're so beautiful .
singaporeans , i'm so proud of us .

No , seriously , I'm not being patriotic just because it's National Day , and well , we HAVE to be patriotic . I'm patriotic because it's necessary and I want to be patriotic for this country because it's such a beautiful and amazing country . It's so small , it's tiny even . But it's so crazy awesome . We're so unique , in all aspects .

It's seriously amazing to look back and realize how far we have actually come . Learning Singapore's History during History this year was really interesting . I mean , it's really strange that this country , such a developed place , used to experience such bad conditions . It's just hard to believe what Singapore used to be . And it has only been a mere 46 years since we gained independence . Oh gosh , Mr Lee Kuan Yew's the smartest person ever . Like seriously , I cannot believe how smart he is , he's such a wise man , the decisions he makes and he has great foresight . Seriously , he's da man . He's foresight is unbeatable , it's as if he knows what other countries would do , and what Singapore would become . He's such a confident man and he's just amazing .

The 1959 Elections , the one where the PAP first won is such a milestone , it's such an important moment , for Mr Lee Kuan Yew to lead the country to such success . Yes , I understand that we shouldn't be too proud of our achievements since Singapore is still somewhat lacking in experience and Singaporeans have yet to stand united in real times of crisis since independence . I feel that only in times of crisis will it be clear whether a country is successful or not . BUT , we've definitely come a long long way .

You know , we're really cool . I mean , it's quite unique for an Asian country with English as the main language . Like really , I think its rare . Am I safe to say that we're the only Asian country like that ? Correct me if I'm wrong though . It's really cool , like I was talking to this guy from US on Omegle and perhaps I didn't speak in computer slang , and he was really impressed . When he learnt that I was a 14 year old from an Asian country , he was so shocked and told me that I spoke with such eloquence . Or rather , typed with such a high standard of English . Well , that's kind of racist , but I can't help but feel honoured as well ! (: Singapore's education system is working pretty well !

Oh and today I went to Bishan for our CSI discussion and I saw the Bishan Gay at the Bus stop . Forgive me for calling him that , but ahh well I have no other means of identifying that guy . I think that these are things that make us unique - we have icons that everyone knows about , its kind of like a neighbourhood thing , a common topic that we can talk about . And that makes us so special . Volunteers for the Workers' Party were giving away Singapore flags and although I didn't take any because I wasn't supportive of the party they were representing , telling them "oh , we don't need that to show our love for Singapore , we can do it in spirit" , it was cool to see almost everyone in Bishan carrying and waving a Singapore flag with pride . It was a united front , something that stood out and I'm glad that our flag is treated with such respect (unlike the Union Jack) , being a symbolism for so many wonderful things .

i love singapore ,
happy birthday singapore ! (:

p/s : i think this post has been rather insensitive and i apologize for the parts where it is .

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