Monday, August 8, 2011

ohmygosh GUYS WE DID IT :DD

finally after standing under the sun training , we've got it right (: i couldn't see how coordinated we were , but judging from this photograph [the one and only photograph we had] , our arms look like they are all tilting to the right angle !

it doesn't really seem like hard work is needed , i mean it's kind of like only a few minutes of actually marching past [not counting the not as long as expected minutes in senangdiri position] , but i think we all know that it wasn't as easy as it looked ! Yeah , we all know that people think that Guides footdrill sucks terribly , but as long as we've put in our best , i guess that's all that matters !

alright , enough of the cliche stuff ! d:
see that girl on my left of the above photo ?

she's ragini , and she's this awesome person :D
and why , it's her birthday tomorrow !
and yes , it's the nation's birthday tomorrow as well and i guess the post tomorrow shall be dedicated to singapore , so here's a little dedication to ragini ! (:

hey ragini ! happy birthday :D
you've been a super duper awesome person , you're such a nice person to talk to , even though you crack super duper lame jokes and seriously i can't stand lame puns . but ahh well , i guess that can be forgiven with the other cooler stuff you do . you're great company , it's always nice to take the bus home with you [although nowadays we rarely do] and having you in 13ATCH just made it better ! you're such a natural on stage and i think right now , you're going through some not-so-easy times . i feel that you're really suited to be the vcapt of richardson and jiayou ! :D
alright , everyone's celebrating your birthday with you , i'm super jealous (:

yeap , anyway today's the eve of national day and i spent it with my old buddy :D

yeah this is an old photo of us but whatever . we didn't take any pictures today . i was too unglam d:

but yeah , it was pretty good catching up and it's really fulfilling to relish some old memories and just rolling on the floor laughing our heads out on the various silly things we used to do . "don't take off my clothes!" ROFL . funniest thing ever .

sigh .

those were the days .

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