Friday, May 20, 2011

day 10 of my 30 day challenge ! :D
yay i have finished one third of my challenge (:

Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play
1 . Crash & Burn - Sugarbabes
ahh i haven't listened to this song for ages ! :D i remember i felt that it was an awesome song & it was on loop for quite some time . i think that the meaning of this song is really true , they talk about how in love , you got to look out for tell tale signs , or the relationship would just - as the title suggests - crash and burn .

2 . OMG - Usher feat . WILL.I.AM
heh i always wondered if you read WILL.I.AM's name was william , as in prince william or will i am , as in seperate words . but that's besides the point . again , this song was a song that has been on loop for quite some time . i think i do that to every new song i discover and like . this song doesn't have much meaning , they just describe this super hot girl or something and i guess they are hyperventilating , therefore going "ohmygosh" everytime . doesn't exactly relate to me .

3 . Just a Dream - Christina Grimmie & Sam Tsui Cover
yes this is the super popular cover that even people who are not fans of christina grimmie know about . i think the vocals of the two of them really match really well , not all singers are able to achieve this awesome standard . but hey , let's give some credit to the original singer / songwriter , nelly . at first glance , the lyrics seem to just be talking about one's other half , like how millions of songs out there talk about the same topic of love . however , the story behind nelly writing this song is really touching . he hasn't been writing songs since 2005 as his sister died of leukemia and he was very affected . but , his sister came to him in a dream and told him to write a song to soothe himself . now , if you look back at the lyrics , they mean so much more .

4 . Hold my Hand - Michael Jackson feat . Akon
this is the second "original" michael jackson song released after his death , after the song "Breaking News". i was skeptical of it at first as i felt that it was a marketing gimmick by sony . but look at the lyrics , even if it really IS some commercial thing by the music label , it's a super meaningful song that should be shared , no matter if the singer isn't michael jackson . it talks about how two people should lend support to one another , holding each other's hand .

5 . Avalanche - Marie Digby
i have always been marie digby's fan since she was a nobody on youtube to who she is today , a relatively popular artiste . she has come very far , breaking free from her many obstacles to pursue her dream . this song , avalanche , kinds of showcases this whole process and it's again a very meaningful song [i feel so proud , my musical choices are all so meaningful and deep] . this shows how we can overcome and pull through this "avalanche" , which is a mountain of mistakes and all , and to leave without regrets .

6 . World Behind My Wall - Tokio Hotel
i love awesome bands . tokio hotel is one of them . this song is also another very inspirational song (': it starts off with a few emo lines , talking about one's problems and the tempo of the song is also rather dead and dreary . then it ups the tempo and the dynamics get more energetic and then the lyrics go "the sun will shine like never before" amongst other really meaningful phrases . the song just means that we got to breakfree from our wall , the barrier that separates us from the true awesome world that we can be anyone .

7 . Shake - Jesse McCartney
ohman , such a frivolous song - breaks my chain of meaningful inspirational songs ): but never mind , i think jesse mccartney is a cutie (:i think he was more of a "hit" a few years back , he was cuter then , but he's still pretty young at 24 years old , so what's there not to love ? this song is just about him and a girl . typical songs i don't see any meaning of . but it has a catchy beat so that's good ! and i love the part when a phone rings in the middle and he would go "i hope that's her right now" or something like that .

8 . Woohoo - Christina Aguilera feat . Nicki Minaj
chain of frivolous songs seem to be trending right now . ahh well , spoils my image of being an intellectual person who only listens to meaningful songs . anyway , from the title , it's obvious that this song has sexual references and that's not very kid-friendly . if you play SIMS or know slang , then you would know that WOOHOO = urm sex . so yeah . - awkward - this song just talks about this kind of stuff , stuff that i don't think i need to go into the details . oh but i love nicki minaj a lot , i mean , a female rapper dears ! can't fault her at all . oh but there's this white female rapper Amy from Karmin . go check her out . she's awesome as well .

9 . Follow Me Down - 3OH!3
this song is super confusing . it's from the alice in wonderland soundtrack :D why is it confusing ? firstly , i have no idea how to pronounce this band name , and secondly , i don't get the whole song . it just keeps going like "follow me" and all that , but i still love the beat , it's super super catchy and 3OH!3 never ever fails to impress me with their creativity . wait - i think i just got what the meaning of the song . it's from alice in wonderland right ? i think its like "follow me" down into the rabbit hole thing . YEAH i'm pretty sure that's what it means - "so follow me down out of this town , i'll show you around" . sweet (:

10 . Redonkulous - 2 Pistols feat . Jason Derulo
this is probably the most retarded song ever . i have no freaking idea what "redonkulous" means , probably a made up word , i think it kind of means "hot" or something . okay like seriously , look at the lyrics . "her back is so redonkulous , her mother could've own it is" . her mother what ? the gramatical sense is incorrect and i have no idea what it means or implies . and even worse , there's this line that says "bottoms got an apple in it" . i have a strange feeling it's a sexual reference . but i'm pure and innocent , therefore i am unable to understand anything . but this song is super catchy , i must give them that :D

Alright that sums up the 10 songs :D quite cool hmm ?
Today was Open House prep . I was caught between waddle boards and guides . In the end , I went to do the Waddle Board , which was seriously lacking in manpower . Quite satisfied with the end product hoho . Yes , tomorrow's Open House ! :D I have like three shifts - physics booth , waddle house comm , and guides . Hopefully I'd be able to plan properly and not get caught between two shifts .

But anyway , I can't wait ! It's gonna be quite exciting , any big event in RGS is awesome . hopefully it doesn't rain :D

love ,
liyin !

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