Thursday, May 19, 2011

so let's get this over and done with , shall we ?

How important you think education is

Ahh , how important I think education is ? What a perfect timing to ask me this question , considering that the new cabinet of Singapore was unveiled today by PM Lee and our education minister is going to be a new guy who has never been an office holder , Mr Heng Swee Keat . Hopefully he does a good job .

But anyway , back to the question . I'll probably give a very politically correct answer but this would definitely be my TRUE VIEWS on education and not just to be a boot licker . Basically like all other kids out there , I do not exactly enjoy school and occasionally would ask myself why am I studying ? There's no point in this . However , for practicality , education is very important as it determines our future and everything . Careers determine our survival in this world . Therefore , no matter how we hate studying , I still feel that is important . What I truly hate is the mindset that started all these .

Why does life circle around education and later careers ? It thoroughly demoralizing . I'm not sure if this occurance happens only in Singapore , but it's so depressing . We are getting busier and busier by the days and time is running out for us . For us to do what ? To make money for survival . Survival is the top priority of everything and I don't like it . I'd rather be a lazy pig and have fun and make the most of my life and die young and happy . But society doesn't accept such people , it's not the standard thing for people to do . It is so unfair .

But all in all , after my mindless babbling , education IS still very important to me .

Right , day nine of my 30 day challenge completed :D

love ,
liyin !


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