Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's 3.22am in the morning of Mother's Day as I write this . But I do not care , I would not be able to sleep anyway as I would be crying to sleep . Today marks a historical moment in Singapore's political history . Not because an opposition party has finally captured a GRC ward for the first time , but because Singapore has lost not one but two great ministers - Mr. George Yeo , a fantastic Foreign Minister during his time and Mrs Lim Hwee Hua , the first female minister .

When the election results of Hougang SMC were announced , I was visibly disappointed . Desmond Choo has lost to the guy from the Worker's Party even though it wasn't Low Thia Khiang anymore . However , Mr . Choo was really sporting and congratulated him , he said that a defeat would never be sweet , but he would of course continue to work the ground . I have a feeling that the both of them are very similar in personalities and that they would work together .

Then , there was the nail-bitting Aljunied GRC . It was announced that Worker's Party won , but quite a fair margin . I was very upset , though it didn't come much as a surprise as Aljunied is a very hotly contested GRC and there was a 50-50 percent chance for both parties . As Mr. George Yeo went up and gave his speech , I could feel his disappointment and his eyes were getting red . I cried . Yes , I cried . I was touched and I felt really bad for not only the people of Aljunied , but for everyone in Singapore , including myself . No , not because I had something against the people of the Worker's Party [though I kind of do] and think that they would not do a good job but instead because we had lost two really good ministers , in particular Mr. George Yeo .

He has been doing great in his post as Foreign Minister , ensuring that Singapore sustained good ties with the leaders of the other countries , outside of Singapore . It is not an easy job , but Mr. Yeo did it well . If an important minister in the cabinet were to get voted out of parliament , it shouldn't have been him . These years , he has never committed any grave mistakes , unlike some of the other ministers who let a man escape from a toilet , or some who overestimated the budget for a big sporting event by a lot . He did not deserve this .

For the past few days , there has been a widespread interest in him and I have been catching his speeches online , both past and present and he is indeed a person with great ideas and deep thinking . He might not speak as eloquently as some others but his ideologies are one of the better ones . It has solid substance & it just goes to show that he is indeed capable of being in parliament .

However , the truth is the truth . Reality is reality . "This is life" , as quoted from the man himself . No matter where he is heading , I think that all Singaporeans would wish him all the best in his future endeavours and remember him as a person who did a lot into contributing to Singapore's current state . I am interested in finding out who would be taking over his position as Foreign Minister and I genuinely hope that he would do a job as well as Mr . George Yeo did for the past 23 years . This man has left a very big pair of shoes to fill in and it is a national catastrophe to have lost him . Hopefully he would still continue to help the residents of Aljunied or move on to another constituency and stand in the next election due in 2016 . GEORGE YEO , WE LOVE YOU :D

Right , this year's General Election is the ultimate showcase of how bad the GRC system has fared . It has backfired and I am not happy . A man like George Yeo is lost but a woman like Tin Pei Ling is now granted a seat in parliament . Yes , this is how screwed up it is . No matter what , I am still very sad and looking at his latest facebook status " Thanks for your support n encouragement " makes my heart tingle , in a sour way . I feel so bad and very depressed for him and the comments and support that Singaporeans give is truly touching and I hope that it would comfort him .

Alright , it's already very late right now as I'm typing this . Congrats to the Worker's Party for securing 6 seats , and moving one step closer to your dream of having a "First World Parliament" although the meaning is still unclear . I am going to cry to sleep tonight but I hope that George Yeo would recover from this and do greater things for the society in other forms .

The Singapore General Election 2011 has been a learning point of sorts and I am truly grateful to be able to follow everything and be informed of the happenings . I look forward to the next GE . Anyway , my constituency is won by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his team so yeap .

To end this post , I would just like to say , MR . GEORGE YEO , YOU HAVE BEEN GREAT AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE in the many other ways you are capable of .

love ,
liyinnnnnnnnn .


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