Saturday, May 7, 2011

My life is boring but the world I live in is thoroughly interesting . This year , especially .

2011 has been a year with many happenings . Obama , whoops i meant Osama , died . There has been a series of catastrophes occurring all over the world . Singapore , this tiny red dot where I live in is now in the middle of the elections . No wait - it's about to end and I'm really upset that all these excitement is going to end soon . But of course I can't wait for the results which will be tonight , which I would obviously be staying up for so that explains the reason I took a really long nap in the afternoon which was really awesome and refreshing .
On the other hand , I still can't get over the fact that our Foreign Minister George Yeo replied to me via facebook ! If you didn't get my post script at my previous post , i personal messaged his personal facebook wishing him good luck and all for today and he actually replied ! :D he was like thankyou ! even though it's just a simple reply but it just goes to show how he actually bothers replying and taking into consideration everyone's comment / feedback to him cos I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who sent him a message . I think he was really nervous for today cos it was still on facebook in the early hours of the morning , which was when he replied to me .

Anyway today is polling day and my house is situated right beside a polling station ! Though there's not much hustle bustle happening , seeing people walk to the polling station just makes me want to go down and brainwash them . But I doubt any freak results would occur in my constituency . I want PAP to win Aljunied more than anything ! Mr . George Yeo really deserves all the support he can garner .

Alright , I guess I shall just wait for the election results ! I'm so so so excited , I mean this is the most widely contested election [aka the most exciting one !] and it's also the first one which I'm really well aware of all the happenings but it just breaks my heart that I have to wait for another 10 years to vote . I want to become a politician when I grow up but it's just not possible and too far-fetched . I mean , I don't have the necessary linguistic abilities and ideologies to become one and it would just stay as a dream ): but seriously , to represent your people and speak in the parliament is like a dream come true and the fact that you are helping citizens by being their voice is so enriching ! To top it off , you have a really high salary too heh heh .

Steering away from politics [speaking of steering , I wonder if Mr.Low is going to have the chance to steer Singapore to the "right" direction . hopefully not , sorry this is super anti-WP but I can't help it , my apologies . ] , I'm really screwed for Physics , which is this coming Wednesday . Having a really awesome teacher doesn't exactly help . But hopefully my SPA and AA would be able to pull it up :D Alright , so my SPA wasn't fantastic but it was ... relatively okay . Super proud of my AA though , I know this sounds really egoistic but I'm happy with it (:

Y'know my yellow braces are so awesome cos they make my teeth look less yellow ! In fact my teeth actually looks white now cos the yellow of my braces is really yellow so the yellow of my teeth isn't that strong and looks white yeeha ! But my dentist was quite shocked that I chose yellow cos I don't think that colour is very popular due to people thinking that it will actually make your teeth look more yellow . But yeah .

I'M GOING TO MULTI TASK LATER - watch elections & study physics . RIGHT NOW , i'm going to write about the elections in chinese . Yeah it's a homework assignment . Perhaps I could just google translate yesterday's post to Chinese . I mean , I don't even know what's constituency in mandarin . I presume I'm going to take quite long . In the meantime , I'm going to change my blogskin to something else . Getting quite sick with the current one .

Can you tell that I'm trying to write in proper English sentences ? :D I guess that this will benefit me in the long run (:

loveeeeeee .
liyinnnnnn .

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