Thursday, February 3, 2011

a picture tells a thousand words (: even if it's just taken by a lousy phone camera .

first stop ! paternal grandma's house (: there'll always be pringles haha .

& there's organic lollipops this year ! most probably bought by my aunt , but this is the first time i've tasted sour lollipops that were not intentionally meant to be sour .

& a pot of flowers i went to thompson to get yesterday ! (:

my mum holding the oranges ! ;DD and my brother is at the background holding the book " the philosophy of language " D:

my second uncle's house ! (: i think this photo is quite cool uh (:

butter joys ! that's apparently the right name for these buttery thingums that are oh so good .

coke zero + mandarin oranges + hongbao = the basic necessities of cny ! ;DD

the cny mood's so evident in my maternal grandparents' house ! ;DD

the goodie box there ! ahhh , look at all the hershey stuff ! hershey's kisses & reese's pieces ! ;DD i loved reese's peanut butter cups but pieces are just as good ahhhhh (: it's so awesome when your grandma goes to resorts world sentosa and ventures into the hershey shop ! ;DD

ohoh and i hate it when people think those are m&ms and their faces change when they realize that it has a peanut butter and not a chocolate filling ! please ! peanut butter is sooooo good . not all , but reese's are so fantastic (Y) .

my little cousin who took my phone and zilian-ed under my guidance hahahah ! she's the one who took this and pressed the button okay ! even though it looks like my hand's doing the job .

and that little girl goes again (:

right . so cny was quite nice .
even though lesser things satisfy / make us happy as we grow older . ahhhh , nostalgia . the joys of being a small kid .

but money makes everyone smile and wahaha i got money ! twohundredandseventysix (: gonna collect more tomorrow yay . oh and i gained money but gained a kilo too D: so sad . i just couldn't control myself ahhhh .

love ,
liyin .

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