Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i think i can really identify with the above image / quote i koped from tumblr .

i have always been a really cheerful girl in terms of how i always smile , and laugh , which is usually hysterically , uncontrollable and most likely unstoppable . but sometimes , most of the time , that's just a front i put up to make people think that i'm a happy and emotionally strong person . but no , i'm not quite that girl .

right . why am i self reflecting ! D: it seems quite weird . it's chinese new year's eve ! be cheerful yay (: anyway , went back to hips todayyyyy ! ;DD

jessa is super epic . she went at like 7am and wore the hips uniform and posed as a student . haha so cute (: then met bibiana ! (: but they didn't allow us to go in ): but after that they did , then we all chiong in (: saw a lot of the p6'10 batch but not my batch ! D: i was like so lonely . but after that i saw brian and xuebin (: then hmm , i went to music room two with jessa , bibiana , and urm , caleb ( ? ) , tifanny and jie yi and some others ! sorry i can't remember so many names . haha i didn't really know caleb , tifany and jie yi but we opened up quite fast , i guess (:

then urm stayed for quite a bit , saw a few teachers and schoolmates , then went to hougang mall , met up with some of the 6r7'09-ers , and we had quite a lot of fun ! ;DD i'm the queen of cheat yay (: that's a title i self proclaim myself to be yeah baby . haha and seriously i'm not horny ):

okay i'm not in a writing mood now . i'm yawing away D: and my gums really hurt . i've got a horrible feeling that my one and only wisdom tooth is popping out . oh yeap and today had reunion dinner at my paternal side , it was quite cool . we had steamboat and barbecue . i'm scared of the oil !

kaythanksbye !

oooooooooh i can't wait for tomorrow (:
love ,
liyin .

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