Wednesday, December 29, 2010


2011 is officially here ! a new year , a new beginning , a new start , a whole new level of stress ! D: the past can't be erased to be rewritten , but you can write your own future !

okay i'm crapping . anyway , it's not on the dot midnight . in fact , it's already nine at night . but i did stay up okay ! emily juju came to my house at about 10pm yesterday to have a sleepover ! wahaha then we used the com , blablabla . it was quite fun . but a bit boring cos there's practically nothing to do at my house heehee . and i love my bolster . bolsters are the best thing on earth . anyway , we camwhored ! ;D

haha , anyway i was like disrupting emily's sleep ! i don't know why i was like hyperactive . and at about 3.50am emily was like shouting for me to sleep . haha , she was like damn tired .

okay so today after emily left , went for my auntie's shop opening . super epic . anyway , i wished my cousin and i can be like last time , like super cool friends ! (: i don't know why , i don't talk to her nowadays . it's scary and really sad ): i'm gonna talk to her okay ! ;D

then went shopping with my dear mum ;D
bought a dress and some jumpsuit shorts thing ;D super cheap sales man . i love the new year .

anyway , OHMYGOSH INET . miss irene's still our form teacher , i don't mind haha . in fact , i think it's awesome ! ;D anyway , THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IS THAT school hours are shorter ! ;D now school ends at about one to three ! ;D that's awesome . no more lunch , who cares ? ohmygosh awesome .

love ,
liyin .

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