Monday, December 13, 2010

the last day of 2010 !
i really liked the number 2010 . this year has been amazing for me . it was the first year of secondary school for me , it was the year i experienced setbacks , failure (in exams , one exam , to be exact ) stress , but of course , i also experienced joy , freedom , and pure awesomeness . i made super a lot of new friends , and of course , also strengthened the old friendships i had .

so , of course , DEDICATIONS TIME (:
how can i miss out dedications ? it's where my skin becomes super thick and i say sappy and mussy stuff . stuff i would want a guy to say to me (: i might sound sarcastic sometimes , but trust me , if your name's here , you mean a lot to me kay ! ;D if your name's not here , 2011's would be a year you can know me better . but anyway it isn't much of a big deal if your name's here (: but it's a big deal to have you in my life (:

emily juju khoo ;
bestie ; super juju ; guess the sketch awesome buddy ; sbk ; husband / wife ;
if i didn't write this for you , you would have said " HEY ! " in that tone of voice and scolded me like crazy . yep , that's how close we are (:
thanks for being such a fantastic super juju with me ;D
and it's really really touching that you would wait for me every school monday just to see my beautiful face . very few friends would have done that .
thanks so much for introducing handsome guys to me . without you , i wouldn't have found my true love , MICHAEL JACKSON & RYAN HIGA .
in fact , now i love them more than i love you (:
you are kind of awesome . okay fine i mean quite awesome . ugh . okay . you are really awesome ;D don't wear too scantily okay ? (;
i love you , super juju (:

angelia justine huimin gillian jielin ;
clique ! ;
wahaha first things first ! i'm not bias okay (: jielin has her own photograph because she's the one who's missing in a photograph that majority of us are inside . gettit ? haha , don't come and bash me up okay . okay , i shall do dedications for you guys individually ;D from left to right of the photograph ;D

angelia omohomo ;
MANAGER , did i ever tell you are so cute ;D super pro gymmer !
thanks for being the super enthu one with me . it was really awesome being all hyped up with you on the first few days of orientation . it was the first time we spent super a lot of effort and time but then it later gets wasted , but it wasn't the last ! ;D
you are a person who always work towards you goal , and you're seriously a very wacky and weird person ! ;D that's a good thing , by the way .
i love you , angelia omohomo (:

justin(e) bieber ;
FIRST FRIENDD ! ;D first person i worked with to lead the class (:
but your leadership skills outshone me and you were just awesome . though our orientation performance wasn't very fantastic , but working with you was thoroughly awesome . that wasn't the last time i worked with you , you awesome person (:
you are super competitive , wahaha that's the spirit okay ! keep it up girl and continue being a happy waddlian and house comm-er ! ( with me )
i love you , justine tan li ting (:

lee hui min ;
wahaha super cute lah you ! don't you dare say " i know right " or i will shoot you okay ! ;D
your k-pop fever is super super serious , i think it's a fatal disease now D: but luckily my immune system is like super strong and its not contagious to me (: but thanks so much for trying to spread your love ! aren't you scared i'll steal your taemin (randomly grabbed a name) or whatever , hmm ? ;D
continue being gay and happy ! but sometimes i don't know if you are serious or not . then it's super super scary ): wahaha . good luck with your korean husband (:
i love you , huimin (:

gillian budgies ;
XANXUS / ALONSO / TORRES / BUDGIES / etc . lover ! ;D whoa you got super a lot of guys / birds you like . anyway , continue loving them and loving me !
you are really cute and your sims are really nice . stop with your obsession man ! michael jackson reigns the throne of the shuai-est guy around ;D
anyway you are an awesome person ! but right , you are too naive and kind ! that's a good thing , sometimes . but be more evil okay !
have more confidence and talk more , because you know you are as wild as your sims . *pedo eyebrow wiggle*
i love you , gillian (:

nai1 nai2 nai3 nai4 ;
WAHAHA did i ever tell you how much i like your surname ? actually i like mine better but yours is nice to call ;D
anyway , you are an awesome deskie ! you appear to be very guai , but in actual fact , you are not really that guai ! okay , maybe not . but somehow my bad influence has made you become a bit not that guai . wahaha i love how you say WHATEVER but that's only because you have nothing else to say . you got really big eyes , wahaha a very stunning (not to mention scary) feature of yours !
continue being a good girl and book lots of people next year okay ! except me . you are very awesome ;D oh ya and i forgot , thanks for being such a nice 132 mate ! (: and it's cool that we live close each other .
i love you , nai (:

emourfilms & emily xinrong gary matthew ian ;
enthu primary school peeps ! ;
thanks for helping me dwindle my holidays away (: life would be so boring without you guys ! (: emourfilms was super crazy , so sorry for screwing so many scenes up !
but the release is tomorrow , so yay (: we'll be famous okay ! can't wait to work on another of the series ! ;D i promise not to laugh ( too often )
wahaha and enthu people who turned up for the fail group outing ;D thanks for convincing me to sit the skyride + luge thingum because it was quite fun ! even though it was just one day with you guys , it was one of the funnest days this year okay ! ( yeah my life is boring . such a day is considered a fun day in my context )
i love you guys (:

guides ! ;
yay i think we're awesome (:
we got ponners , we got super enthu-ers , that's the little things that make us so special . you guys would be the ones who will grow with me in four years in rgs and the first year has already been quite awesome. let's be more bonded ! (though we're already quite heehee )
you guys are awesome . oh ya , and ragini , thanks for always taking 132 with me . you are awesome ! ;D
i love you guys (:

jingen christina edina ;
heyyyyy you guys are a cool bunch ;D
though our neoprints are super fail , it was still awesome having your company ! ;D

jing'en ; thanks for being such an awesome house commer ! ;D i love chicken but please please don't link me to your onew or whoever . you are awesome , your handwriting is freaking nice and your art skills are fantastic (can tell by your letters) . you were probably just faking it ! (; but don't dao people okay ! it's not nice wahahah (:
i love you jingen (:

christina ; thanks for being so cute (: your obsession with koi wahaha . and japanese green tea stuff . ohoh and also , hot guys (: it was very very fun being your friend yay . i'm glad you didn't join choir wahaha . one day you must sing for me okay . i bet your voice is super good . oh and good luck being a classic ! the little sec ones would love you heehee
i love you , chris (:

edina ; ooooooooh i haven't been seeing you in the recent guides sessions where have you been ? ponning or overseas uh girl ? anyway you pedo bra strap puller . so weird and strange but so cute and nice at the same time . your smile's awesome .
i love you , edina (:

bibiana low ;
awesome awesome mei ; best junior everr
hey , did i ever tell you that you are awesome ? :D heehee , well you are ! you are super pretty okay ! i bet a lot of boys are going after you heh .
anyway , thanks for searching for me during thinking day 2010 ! i guess i won't see you at thinking day 2011 but we'll definitely keep in touch (: also , you're an amazing dancer , etc . haha , you can read the book i sent you ! ;D you are just too awesome to describe and hopefully we'll see each other in hips or something ;D
i love you , bibiana (:

CREATED A FORMSPRING GO ASK ME QUESTIONS ! and if you are touched , leave a tag okay ! ;D
if i missed anyone of you , do tell me okay ! because it's not that you don't mean a lot to me , it's just that i have short term memory okay .

love ,
liyin (:

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