Friday, December 17, 2010


okay sorry for mia-ing (: if anyone even reads this . psssssht . the past few days have been spent going to school painting the waddle banner (: it's quite fun yay . anabelle and i bonded a lot , on wednesday , both of us stayed back till about six thirty painting the banner because we didn't have watches and it was illegal to use our handphones till five thirty . and anabelle's a prefect , so yeah . no chance or whatsoever . then it got really dark and we thought it was because of the rain . then i gave up and checked for the time . argh it was so late already (: then there were so many missed calls and smses from my parents haha sorry .

then i waited for my dad to come and pick me up . while waiting , mr chang , the deputy principal , came to talk to me ! ;D well , technically he's leaving the school already but how else can i address him ? (: then we chatted for quite long . he asked me alot of stuffs . then this cute stray cat that resides in our school , was walking in between us (:

hahaa , but of course i wasn't that rude as to take pictures when talking to him (: i think mr chang's a really really caring man . he was asking me all sorts of stuff . thanks mr chang ! you'll be missed dearly by rgs . wahaha there's even a fanclub on facebook .

anyway , i think anabelle's a really good senior (: wahaha we can talk about anything under the sun [man i really hate this phrase it's like super cliche but oh well] we ate two lunches together and it was quite cool . haha anabelle if you are stalking me and happen to read this , then yay ;D

okay waddle's banner is almost complete (: oh TARBET'S banner is really awesome . it's really really nice . i mean , waddle's nice too but i really like tarbet's (:

sigh i'm really restless right now and i don't feel like typing ):
i think my english's really really lousy and bad when i type on the computer , like on facebook or blogger or something . oh well , hopefully it doesn't affect my english standard or whatsoever . oh and my diet is really really bad these days . i had chocolate for breakfast today ! ;D

kay nevermind .

love ,
liyin .

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