Thursday, December 9, 2010

" society comprises two classes : those who have more food than appetite , and those who have more appetite than food " ~ sebastien - roch nicholas de chamfort

typing " poverty " in google images takes a bit of courage . i chose the mildest photo . this is the freaking mildest photo amongst the rest . LOOK AT THEIR PLATES . their's is empty . not because they finished the food , but because there's not even food to start with .

this post ain't gonna contain any other photos . because you have to focus on the one on top . I PROMISE I'LL EAT MY VEGGIES .

on a lighter note ,

hey guys ! ;D
so eh . went for some outing yesterday . i would not call it a class gathering since it's like not even one fifth of the class that went . so it's a yapliyin-emily-xinrong-matthew-ian-gary outing . which was just freaking ridiculous .

met emily at the entrance of hougang mrt . she was uh , not punctual -.- you know how they have freaking a lot of cctvs at mrt entrances ?! i could tell that they were all following me as i paced back and forth waiting for that khoo . then went to take mrt to habourfront . along the way , met xinrong . she came from kovan i think (: it's so "qiao" (: same cabin . then emily spotted the poy not too far from us .

anyway , gary was like so damn early . i was like only at hougang and he sms-ed me " are you there yet ? " then i was like ... uhhh , hougang or vivo ? LOL then he said vivo and i think i ignored him . anyway yeah he was there when we reached . then matthew and poy came . it was like only six people . then we were like what the heck . so we contacted other sixrseven people . they were all not coming . oh well , then we headed for sentosa .

okay so we went to the palawan beach . everything was rather fail . i just like sitting in the sea . but NOT tasting it . oh and in any case , if you ever get salt water in your eye , just open your eye for ten seconds . all will be well then (:

LOL okay then we went to koufu . crispy noodles for the win . it's awesome (: i asked not to have veggies , and not take it and waste it (:

then wanted to ride on the segway thingum . it's really fun . but there's this liability thing that had to be signed by someone above eighteen . psshft . then they wanted to sit the skyride and luge D: argh there was like a bit of thunder and lightning . cable cars are scary but skyrides are even worse . argh in the end i relented . it was horrible sitting it up there but luge was very fun ! ;D we rode it down in the rain . ahaha but i couldn't really stop the go cart - like thing . then when the person asked me to stop to stamp on my hand , i couldn't stop and i think the person was like shouting at me . but eventually i stopped d:

then we went to plaza sing cos i wanted to buy paints ! went to spotlight and got five tubes of acrylic paint . they were uh dressing up . thanks xin rong for giving me such good advice wahaha ;D

then we went to eat at the kopitiam . i had to force my carrot cake down (: nope , force is not a good word . correction : i ate my carrot cake happily and I'M CONTENDED AND FORTUNATE FOR FEELING FULL . sigh . it's really sad how people are wasting food . THOUGH WE ALREADY BOUGHT THE FOOD , IT STILL MATTERS WHETHER WE FINISH IT OR NOT .

anyway , we saw sesame street live ! (: we kind of screamed . well , elmo's really cute . cookie monster too . and not to be bias , bert and ernie were very cute too . while watching , i think i teared a little because i thought of my childhood and how i used to watch sesame street before going for kindergarten school and how my mum used to bring me to various shopping centres to watch blue's clues , neopets [YES THERE ACTUALLY WAS NEOPETS LIVE SHOW] , etcetera . and now i'm like old and i don't wanna grow up . yes im peter pan / michael jackson .

okay so i'm not exactly in a typing mood right now . then we went home .
awkward ending much .

kaythanksbye (:
epichumour i'mma gonna hide my face .

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