Friday, October 1, 2010

" red blood cells are amazing things " ~yapliyin .

YAY so i am crazy . yeah . but i realized that bio is nice . tee hee . it's like , the human body is oh so amazing haha .
i completed revising bio yesterday and OHMY , the sense of satisfaction (:
studying sometimes is really awesome .

oh , and i have known about funemployed's on youtube for quite a while , but didn't check it out , but i did today and it's really awesome . it's by wongfuproductions & kevjumba (:

go check it out at funemployed ! it's like , the reason why they made the "dance to this song" music video and stuff . AND THERE'S NIGAHIGA too ! in 3 episodes and he's super cute .

it's nice , really (:

alright , toodles ;D

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