Thursday, September 30, 2010

" growing old is mandatory ; growing up is optional " ~ chili davis

IT'S OCTOBER 1ST ! ;D happy children's day (:

rgs declared it a holiday for us (: so i thought i could take a break from my endless mugging and do a blog post ;D alright , so nothing much actually happened ? except for monday . JUJU DAY ~ let's see if i can actually still remember the details . shall kope the photos from emily since i'm too lazy to upload my owns . tee hee hee ;D

alright , so as usual , took 132 from my school to the ang mo kio mrt there , and sms emily to come up . but i sms-ed too fast or something and she boarded the previous 132 . it's really strange how two 132s can be so close to each other , and the fact that i didn't miss any 132 before and had to wait really long for the one i was in . so emily told me to stop at the next stop , but i didn't cos i didn't see her D: then in the end i told her to meet me at my house the bus stop there so we can walk around (:

yeah , so we did . then from the bus stop , we walked quite a distance to a mama shop (: and omg , so many cool discoveries ;D the sold really weird stuff . hahaa .

we saw MILLY MOOs ! at first i thought they were MILKY MOOs , because that thing has a sentimental value to us haha .

oh well , but close enough . rawr .

then we saw this awesome thing , like they give you four mini ice cream cones + a tube of cream . at first i wondered if it was nice , so i bought the chocolate-vanilla flavoured one to try first . we went out an tried (:

it's really quite awesome squeezing it (: so creative .

YAY (: surprisingly , it taste quite awesome . the chocolate-vanilla ones , that is .

s0 we went back and bought more . i bought 4 boxes of that thing , plus some other candies . hee , spent more than five dollars on junk like this . i must be crazy . but oh well , have been staying in class to mug during recess ;D so i probably won't get too fat from eating those . LOL .

but disappointingly , the grape and the strawberry-pineapple flavours weren't that nice . they tasted quite artificial . but oh wells (:

hee , okay . i have been mugging these few days . its quite awesome (: OMG , what is rgs doing to me ?! i'm actually saying that studying is nice . oh no no no . but seriously , i practiced my self - control really well (: no facebook , and only half an hour of computer time everyday . and my parents weren't the ones who asked me to do this . i even have an hour - by - hour study plan . ZOMG , i got to go now , or else i'd be behind schedule ! (:

toodles ,

EYAs : two down , seven to go (:

twelve more days . i'll wait for my freedom ;D

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