Tuesday, September 14, 2010

" We dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend, so we buy ice cream . " ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

doesn't the ice cream sandwiches tempt you ? i think ice cream can really bring joy , and stuffs . i mean , it did , but only when i was younger . now ice cream doesn't excite me like it used to D: the pleasures of childhood are slowing slipping away from me . ugh . yet another sentimental feeling . but hmm , this year , i am not sure whether i have become sentimental or not , cos i can let go of many things now , but i can't let go of some . LOL . i'm being so retarded .

ugh , i've been sick very often this year D: last time i didn't even use to get anything . now , it's super often . asthma is coming back , and it had been 4 years since it last attacked D: now the gap is just months . fell sick during the weekend D: fever , sore throat , and stomachache . i lost 1 kg in a day . exactly . i'm supposed to feel happy , but yeah , NO . my stomach is forever painful , and i'm not exaggerating it . i think i have some sort of stomach ulcer or cancer or something , i mean touch wood but yeah ... i think i should go for some sort of checkup soon . but sometimes my stomach's good , so yeah . argh man .

hmmm , but this few days I'M PRODUCTIVE YAY ;D except when i went to study with huimin and angelia after school yesterday . LOL super fail man . IM SORRY EMILY I FORGOT IT WAS EMILY DAY . but yeah , anyway , we went to thomson plaza the kopitiam there . apparently they said that it was a good place to study = = . so we brought in old chang kee , and bought some dessert from there . then angelia bought the breakfast set , which was eggs , bread with kaya and a cup of coffee . LOL , super funny . it was already 4 plus , she was still eating breakfast . so we ate , and erm ... hmmm ... we forgot about studying ? hee , then i remembered and took out some rgs past year math papers to do . hee , managed to finish one in about 20 minutes ? though the designated time was 1 hour ;DD YAY . ahaha , so happy . then we went home . not very productive ehh ? im not going to do it again . mugging at home is so much more effective , but boring lurh . then erm ... i shall not say anything ;DD teehee .

hmm , then mid autumn business D: EVERYTHING FREAKING CRASHED ON THE SAME DAY . ITS FREAKING IRRITATING . sometimes my weekends are super boring , and sometimes everything just happens . on saturday i have COASTAL CLEANUP , then on sunday i still have to celebrate my grandma's birthday . and my EYAs are coming , i need to MUG MUG MUG ! but oh wells , i'm still going anyway , after convincing my mother ;D ahaha , i wanna see MS YEO (:

okay , erm , i think thats all . OH WAIT . today's school was great (: dont feel like elaborating (:

love , yapliyin

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