Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hey . 
do u remember i actually blogged on the TODAY newspaper advert on the samsung's 3D television not long ago ? it was so cool , if u have no idea what i'm talking about , then just scroll down . i was saying that nobody can beat them in the near future . but guess what ?

 panasonic managed ;DD 

it was published in yesterday's edition of TODAY . and it's freaking cool . 
it also advertises it's 3D television , and what better way to promote it than to provide readers with an ultimate 3D experience ?  haha , and i thought samsung was creative with the pop out thing . well , they are , but panasonic's better . 
haha , anyway , panasonic provided the readers with a pair of 3D glasses and on the newspaper itself , whatever panasonic 3D adverts you see , put on the glasses , and WHOOSH ! an ultimate 3D experience ;DD except that it doesn't move , if im not wrong , cos apparently i did not experience it first hand . i have the TODAY newspaper but i don't have the 3D glasses cos MEDIACORP forgot to distribute 20, 000 of the glasses , so unluckily , my copy didn't have any glasses attached ): 
but my mother works in panasonic in the accounts department , so she saw it . and BOY , wasn't it cool ? (: haha , and that's why i know mediacorp forgot to distribute some of the 3D glasses . whoa , panasonic must be real huge company to afford such an extravagant advert . haha , my mother's gonna borrow a pair of 3D glasses from her colleague tomorrow , so i'm gonna see it ! (: super cool . even though the advert looks pretty normal without any glasses . 

intrigued , 

p / s : I . AM . GETTING . FATTER . 
p / p / s : I . MUST . GO . ON . A . DIET . 

you may call me fatty bom bom . 

[except for u , emily . i don't give u this privilege] 

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