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Sunday, August 23, 2009

heyys:] this was tagged by bibiana meimei:]

Name : YapLiYin
Nicknames : yapyap, yappie...etc :P
Name spelled backwards : niyilpay
Birthday : 21 Febuary '97:]
Glasses or contacts : glasses  
Hair colour : black....
Hairstyle : eh... horrible?


Brand name for clothes : erh... dunnoe leh...
Ice-cream flavour : cooookies&cream! actually ALL ice cream are nice, yes, even DURIAN!
Subject in school : maths/english

Of All Your Friends:

The best advisor : fiona:] maybe?
The best hair : vernise....DEFINATELY!
The best handwriting : celineNG<3it sia
The funniest : jonathan,delvin etc.
The prettiest : bibianaMEI,cherylJIE,jasmineJNR and loads more....
The most trusting : cherylMEI?
The nicest eyes : not sure... maybe amanda...
The shortest : heehee....JASMINE[teo] sorriee!!:]
The smartest : megan maybe?
The tallest : amanda lo

Have you ever...

Been on a stage : DUH!
Cheated on a test : nopes...
Gone to camp : obvious?
Keep a secret from anyone : yepps.
Stolen anything : lols, no.

The last:

Movie watched : UP with alina yesterdae!
Called you : alina:]
People who saw you cry : familee.
Person you went to mall with : alina
Thing you ate : candyy:]
Thing you drank : melted ice cream:]


If you could describe yourself in 3 words : cheerful, maybe cute...
What are some of your fav junk food : potato chips & chocolate
What colour are your bedroom wall : PINK but i wan purple:[
Whats your favourite thing to do during weekends : hang-outs wif friends:] [occasionally of course! if not i "po chan le"

I tag ...
-rachael sim
-Anyone who want to do. haha:]

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