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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello people. todae was an alright day, i guess. received maths worksheet 37... not cleared and still have "see me" which means to see maths teacher. luckily, she was kind and explained to me properly... phew... thanks! 

and then got back compo [english]... yay. have to type! so no need to do corrections. just type. which is probably the reason why im using the com NOW. on a school night. but anyways, tomorroe is a short day [until 12.30pm] hooray. last time had brownies, used to be until 5.30pm. but now becos of h1n1 AND being a P6-er, no need to go:]

so. im now sendin email to english teacher, about the compo thing... yeps. so im so going to shut this com down soon and go and read the Reader's Digest. i hearts ♥♥ this magazine. it rocks. maybe im exaggerating but im NOT, ok? it improves my english as well. yeps, im soo gonna work for tat PSLE results. 

260>> pretti please?
go to nanyang or rgs, pretti please? 

fine... its unrealistic, i knoe... for my MORE realistic dreams [or wishes]...
250>> fine?
go to st.nics or cedar, kayyes?

but i dun think i can reach any of the above criteria... only the tops can do it. *sigh. im such a wateva. lost most of my confidence. well, wateva will be will be. the leads me to the song i used to sing in kindergarden. suppose most of u will knoe it. it goes "when i was just a little girl. i asked my mother wat will i be? will i be pretty? will i be rich? here's wat she said to me. que sara sara, watever will be will be. the futures not for us to see. que sara sara." 

i dunnoe i spell correctly or not. the "que sara sara". and i rmb there was a SARAH in my kindergarden and everybody will look at her when we sing. and we all laugh. standard, isn't it? *sigh. good old days. i can never revive it again. now, its the STRESS, the PSLE. but imagine how good we will feel after the PSLE>>> FANTASTIC. wan go outs with my class right after Higher chinese paper [PSLE] ... like last year, right after Science exam, went out watch movie... heehees. :]

so now, must  choing... burying head in books.

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