Saturday, July 4, 2009

todae i went for the RGS GAT test. it was all the patterns and stuff, askin u which comes next. i think its quite okay, but i dun think i can get in, cos there are probably loads more fantastic girls out there. i drew ALOT on that blank sheet of paper. i guess i could not exactly visualize...

then i went for piano lesson... teacher said my scales improved, but i still must go and memorise the fingerings for my left hand... cos it wasnt too good... well, tats a nice way to put it. then i done 2 maths practice paper, yeahs... so, now i can use P.C.... lols. yeah.

i think i <3>

drinking ice-cold cappuccino now. lols. damn delicious sia... i bet u are green with envy, rights? yeah. muahaha... im so evil. *evil laugh. d: lols. bye peoples:]

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