3 days weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

heys, u people should have known tat monday is youth day, so no need to go to school, rite? 
its kinda good news and bad news. good news is that we will have on extra day of rest right? budden tat means tat teacher will giv more homework. but if u finish it quickly, u can relax, yeah? tomorroe, [saturday] i have the RGS general ability test, a part of the DSA exercise to their school. i wish i can get in leh... wish me luck, kayyes? thankies:]

todae was alright, went to school as usual, then we had the staggered recess again. then principal announce tat on tuesday, will have screenin at the school gates... gonna waste time. and then at canteen, ate this new yogurt. its peach flavour, quite nice, taste abit like the YAMI yoghurt, except it had peach chunks, which makes it nicer. then me and emily did some neck exercises. 
i deleted the video cos i dun think i wanna put it up here.
its damn funny but sorriee...

then i lean on some chili, my blouse at the back have chili stain, luckily my pinafore can cover if i wear it abit to the side, so i did tat. 

todae also had 听写,did quite ok for it. we also write 作文, ya, quite ok lah. after tat, went to science tuition, with rachel wee and her brother philip [r4] and 3 other ppl. go through paper we did last week. hahas. 

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