Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello ((:

I'm sorry I've been on a blogger hiatus for so long , but there were exams and well , I couldn't compensate my studies . So , EYAs are over here at RGS , I'm really really glad all the stress is lifted from my shoulders and I can now do whatever I've planned to do for a really really long time . The exams were overall pretty manageable and it was pretty fun actually cramming info into my head . (nope , I'm not crazy)

So , during the exam period , I've been surviving on Peanut Butter Cups , and I've wanted to make my own since they seemed pretty simple to do . I did so today since it's a marking day and oh wow it's more difficult than I expected , but it kind of tastes exactly like Reese's , I'm quite happy ! Hehehe took a lot of photos of the process !

Alright , for dear christina and everybody else who the recipe I used , here goes :D I modified recipes from the internet and made my own (kinda , but not really since they're all so similar .) :D

one pack of Hershey's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips ! (or any other brand of relatively good chocolate)

one jar of creamy peanut butter (any brand!)

mini paper cups ! or large ones if you prefer :D

Alright , first thing : melt the chocolate chips WITH BUTTER :D so that it'll be smooth and creamy . place them in a bowl on top of a pot of water and let it simmer.

It should be really really smooth and creamy hehe it gets really tempting :D

Then , coat the mini cups with a bit of oil so that the chocolate won't stick to the paper . (not too much though or it'll be very greasy) Use a spoon (preferably a teaspoon) and coat the sides of the cup with an even but quite thin layer of chocolate . It's super super difficult at this step , I was really tired of coating all the cups with chocolate . And gosh be careful ! I spilled hot chocolate on my thumb and I went to lick it . So both my thumb and tongue were burnt .

Yeap , put these cups into the fridge for approx 5 minutes just for them to set .

In the meantime , prepare your filling ! :D add sugar to your peanut butter if you want (my peanut butter tasted very weird haha can only blame myself for buying a cheapo brand , so I added sugar) . You can add salt if you wish , like y'know contrast between the sweetness of the chocolate but yeah I added sugar as you can see from the little bits in my peanut butter :D

When the chocolate's been refrigerated , they should look a little something like this . Haha , they look so messy with chocolate dripping out from the sides ): but ah well they look genuinely homemade !

Put a dollop of peanut butter into each cup :D Be generous ! I wasn't very generous , so now my peanut butter cups are more chocolate ): Not that I'm complaining actually !

Top it off with another layer of chocolate . Try to smoothen it ! As you can see , mine isn't very smooth heh . Then pop it into the fridge to set :D

When it's done , take it out and eat it . I'm very proud heh heh . It makes about 35 mini cups , and it costs less than 10 bucks for the ingredients :D well , strength and energy is put in , but it's really really fun !

yeah like I said earlier , the peanut butter's a bit too little :x but it's alright ! It's a great first try ; I'm very happy , at least today's been quite productive .

i look tired and messy but it's okay I'm just very proud of it !


sigh marking days won't actually be marking days :X house capt meeting tomorrow , class comm meeting + obs checkup on thursday and prefect in training meeting on friday . but I'm not complaining ! It's great to be busy with this sort of stuff , I love it .

to those people who's EYAs have yet to end ;

加油 okay ! :D don't give up or lose hope ! if you're undergoing a lot of stress , tell me , I'd be happy to give you a peanut butter cup (if there are any left)

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