Thursday, October 20, 2011

Emotional / reflective blogpost is coming soon, I just need to sort out my thoughts because it's kind of messy and really complicated now. Putting it into words would definitely give myself a clearer picture.

In the meantime, I have gotten all my results back, they weren't fantastic but they weren't extremely disappointing. I felt like I could have done better though. House Camp is over (which I would touch on in the next post) which is a huge relief and the post-eya activities have started, beginning with a Western Dining Etiquette Course which we attended today @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club.

I initially thought that it was going to be really really boring, with a trainer just going to talk to us about the correct ways of eating / hosting / whatever. But, the trainer, Mr Christian Chua, if I'm not wrong, was just hilarious. It was so funny and we were all laughing like crazy, which was a good thing. But of course, I love food so that was the most important part!

It's really crazy to have to care about your image when you eat. Okay, it's not only "care", you actually have to be obsessed with your every move and it's really pressurizing although today's session was just fun because we didn't really care about all the etiquette tips. We just ate (x

Bread + Butter !

Soup ! (was it mushroom?) :D It was pretty good, to be honest.

the main course - chicken with rosemary sauce or something . with lots of peas / carrots / corn and potatoes . this was frankly quite horrible to eat , the chicken was quite tough and well , I hate veggies so it was quite difficult trying to eat it, no matter how deep my love for chicken was.

dessert was pretty good though - chocolate moose blackforest cake ! :D I don't think any of us actually followed the "proper" way we were supposed to eat so it was quite a waste of time although it was really really fun.

Oh by the way , our class tees are here! I think its quite pretty, I'm very happy with it.

OMG I LOVE FOOD HEHE . it makes me very very happy.

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