Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello, you've probably been redirected from my previous blog url! yapp-liyin-x3 was too strange a blog url to have for long, therefore I have changed it to this. I'm going to touch on why my url is changed to something like this in another post :D The new blogger is getting on my nerves now, it has nice templates but there are many things missing in those templates and I can't edit it with html so this blog hasn't gotten a revamp. 

You know, thinking back, I have always been a very very fortunate person. I get what I want (most of the time) and also more than what I need. I don't live in luxury, I don't have a big house but I'm don't feel bad for myself, not at all. Because what I have is really another person's luxury at another end of the world. 

Seriously, above all the random crap and rants of anger, frustration and stress on twitter, facebook or even this blog, my life (it pains me to say this but...) is really quite amazing (': I have a great family, I'm in a relatively good school and most of the time, I get what I want. Really, I'm crazily lucky and I hope it stays like this. I have always done pretty okay academically, it's not the best but I think it's kind of above average among the people of my age group I guess; I get to eat a lot and that makes me happy, imagine those kids who don't even get to eat proper meals when I can have snacks in between them; I have many many things that I should really be thankful for, one very important one being opportunities! 

Really, I have so many many many opportunities I am so fortunate to have! xDD Gosh my life is quite awesome actually, thank you so much to the higher being up there. 

Thinking about my life so far, it has already been fourteen years and well, my brother's eighteen now. 
An article was published yesterday in The Straits Times, it was about National Service and it's an article that attained a Gold Award in the Commonwealth Essay Competition and it's written by Ong  Hui Yao, entitled "Green Men" if my memory doesn't fail me. The image above is actually the one that was published together with the article.

It reminded me about National Service and how my brother would be enlisted just days after his A levels this year, in December. My brother would soon become one of those guys in green, looking so smart and well, most importantly, it actually meant that he wouldn't be at home most of the time (well, it's not like I see him very often but it isn't the same thing). It's such a strange feeling, that this guy is growing up, that I'm growing up and how we're moving on to bigger things. I sound like my mum now but it's so surreal. Everyone's growing up, including myself and it's faster than ever. Everything's so fast paced, it's so hard to catch up. I'm actually really going to miss my brother during this period but it's part and parcel of life. We've all learnt the importance of National Service during History classes etc (Look what education is doing to me!). My mother is already experiencing the Empty Nest Syndrome before we actually leave her. It's kind of frightening to realize all of these - how my parents would someday pass away and how I'd have to grow up to becoming my own person. 

Life is changing at a pace way to fast.
I have to adapt to this change or get lost at the back.

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