Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wow . 2011 has been such an exciting year .

Nope , it's definitely not year end already . Not that fast ! But this year , I've seriously gained so much insight and perspective of the world around me , especially locally . Why do I say so ? This year , it has been such a wonderful opportunity to know more about politics in general , I've definitely grown and learnt to develop my own insight , although it's usually biased and well , one-sided .

This year , there was first and foremost , the General Elections . It was exciting , it was one of the first times I was so involved , not in terms of participating of course , but getting involved by learning of what was happening and giving my biased one-sided pro-PAP views right here , on this blog during the May period . Especially this post right here .

And well , studying Singapore history during History this year was an eye-opener . It was such a wonderful experience learning more about the past ESPECIALLY the super cool politics and election stuff . Also , this year I got to participate in my own school House Elections ! It was extremely enjoyable and is also another form of politics ! hehehebythewayiwonhehehe .

AND NOW . the presidential elections are here .
I can't wait seriously . It's going to be another exciting event . Although there have been repeated times which people are saying not to take this as a second general election and stuff . Actually i think they mean not to classify Dr tony tan as like a pap candidate but judge them as who they are as an individual ; not the organization / party they used to belong to , I'm still going to interpret it as I did in the previous statement . I have a whole chunk to critique [yeah a 14 year old's shallow views] on the press conference thing that was held at the Straits Times [okay perhaps this newspaper is one-sided and biased towards the government as well , but i think it's still one of the more reliable sources in our local media scene] yesterday but I'm really tired [yes , i know , what an excuse .] and I feel like sleeping now . Can't do a lot of thinking anyway with such a state of mind . Perhaps tomorrow . And yes , it's going to be extremely one - sided .

So brace yourself (:

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