Friday, August 19, 2011

A dilemma .

Okay I don't necessarily need to choose one of the two choices , but I need to choose if I should go for this .

So , as most of you know , I'm Waddle VCapt for 2012 , which is going to be a huge commitment and something that would take up a lot , a lot of my time . It's something that I believe I will enjoy doing / being , definitely . House is a huge part of me and I love this lead board although we don't gain as much recognition as the other lead boards .

Prefectorial Board , on the other hand , gains a lot of recognition in my opinion . They have a totally different uniform from the rest of us , they have a lot of authority and they well , look like leaders . Not that that's really important , but I guess it plays a part in many things . And this is the only lead board the does not open freely for applications .

But I don't think I'm really temperamentally suited to be a prefect , and neither do I view myself ready / able to cope with two lead boards , especially already being in the EXCO for House . Yes , so my form teacher selected me to be a second intake Prefect-in-training [which basically means becoming a Prefect in Year 3] and she left the form to me for me to think whether I was interested or not . I'd still have to go through interviews and stuff , of course , and I most likely won't get in due to my poor linguistic abilities . But I'm not sure now whether to apply for PB . It seems quite good but I'm quite unsure . I view myself as the more fun-filled kind of person , not someone who's really serious , although I could be if I wanted to .

And to add to that , Sec three's going to be really hectic , would I be able to cope with all the stress from academics plus leadership ? Should I submit the form ? ):

Also , I don't want to be an over-achiever , one who takes away leadership opportunities for others because I don't view myself as truly exceptional and perhaps I don't really deserve all these . Oh man , I have no idea . Open for advice :D

On another note , I said I wanted to talk about the Presidential elections but since I'm already predicting that my view will be one-sided , and after looking at the guidelines put forth by Dr Tony Tan and his campaign team , I don't think I should , lest I get into trouble with the law .

Above all , George Watsky is still being his awesome self . He's so genuine and seriously I have been promoting this relatively unknown guy . How many people are still missing out on this fantastic guy ? He's not the typical rapper in which drugs and sex and girls are the only topic to rap about . Instead , he's also a wonderful poet [like you can look at his other videos , he's actually a poet] and he raps with meaning , he raps with conviction . He's meanings are so wittily put . He's just so so amazing (':

This particular song is quite relevant now . It ends with

" f**k it, they can pull the plug I'm gonna kick it acapella, Dockers at my ankles, and I tell em what I'm feeling
even if nobody is listening I yell it to the ceiling and I celebrate the fact that I'm alive and I'm breathing "

Yeap , so I think I should just forget about everything right now and just live life as it goes .
Oh man but I still can't . I need to make decisions . Quick .

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