Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cos we are all fcuking selfish .

Okay , sorry for using that foul word .
I'm sorry for not updating for such a long time , geog pt's due this friday , there's gong han this friday so my life is quite screwed .

But yeah , Philosophy RS is pretty good . I mean , we are really slow and stuff but I think it's been really really beneficial to be able to participate in such intellectual talk / thinking every week . Because I'm really not the kind of person who thinks / talks deep , I'm truly a very shallow person but I think I'm slowly building up my analytical thinking skills :D

Social responsibility . How corny . It's really quite impossible .
It's idealistic . But it's impossible :D

by the way , george watsky is the most talented person ever . okay , one of the most , third to michael jackson and tim minchin . he's moving up fast , one day he might just be the tops of my list .

ohmy seriously he's such a genius . he's the new kind of sexy .

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