Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i find it very awesome teehee . ego much but anyways ,
it's too late to scan it in because my scanner makes freaking loud noises cos its like those professional big ones that make noise when on-ed (: people are sleeping so maybe tomorrow haha .

okay so on monday had house comm agm (: awesome much . thanks captain ' 11 anissa for playing host ! i like chicken wings . haha the sec 1 house commers were super funny . we were like camping near the chicken wings . it was super funny haha . yay i like it .

okay then tuesday rotted at home with my romeo and juliet . I KIND OF GET MIDDLE ENGLISH NOW MUAHAHAAAA . i was like asking my mother “ what o' clock is it ? " and she was like scolding me to speak in proper english and not singlish haha . i told her it wasn't singlish , it was middle english and her reaction was like super epic . argh i hate the word epic . it's wayyyyyy to overused . seriously . but oh wells (: yeah seriously its middle english . haha i guess i have been speaking middle english when i was veryvery young ;D

and today's wednesday !
supposed to meet at 9am at serangoon mrt to meet and then go ian poy's house . i think i'm freaking stupid . i took like seven bus stops from my home to serangoon mrt and then had to take six bus stops back on the same bus route to his house . i should've just took one bus stop and waited for them there .

anyway , i reached at about eight forty . yeah , pretty early and then i don't know why there were so many policemen petrolling the mrt plus some security guards . i was like not in a rush so instead of taking the travellator to circle line i walked in the middle path . and then a group of four policemen was walking towards me and i walked in between them . it was super funny . i like , cut them into half . okay so i got into the control station there and i saw so many security guards so i pretended that i was taking the mrt and took the escalator down cos i didn't want to be loitering there ... then super a lot of trains whizzed past me and i was still sitting there . i gave up and went up again . then i saw the group of guys . then we waited for a while and everyone came then we went to ianpoy's house .

so went there and filmfilmfilm . it's retarded , gahhhhhhh . haha , gary's accent was damn funny . i just kept laughing . i found that i had many strengths ! i could carry a gun awesomely , and bite ham properly (: yay to me . then hmmm , emily and i tried to vlog but we failed terribly .
then we went to hougang there .

ate subway . i hate bread so much . that emily khoo spilled her lemon tea . haha , made a mess (: then we went to the void deck to film more . i think overall it was pretty ridiculous . but it was quite fun larh , can bond with the psixers of 09 (:

then i bought bubbletea before going home . i have never tried drinking yoghurt bubbletea before but it was pretty nice . peach yoghurt . sounds weird but its nice . then took 132 home (: i get nostalgic whenever i sit 132 from hougang back home . haha ;D ohmy one year has flew past damn damn fast . the psixers of 10 are graduating tomorrow ! (: but sadly they didn't get what we got last year . it's quite sad for them (: but yeah ;D

love ,

ohmy such an abrupt ending . yikes i have guides tomorrow and friday ): okay its going to be fun but i'm tired (:

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