Friday, November 19, 2010

so yeah the above picture is the one which i declared was " awesome " in my previous post . drew it on a sketchbook with a black marker (; no sketching , planning , reference whatsoever . then i realised it ain't that nice at all . it looks nice from afar . when you look closer , you can tell the drawings are all really slipshod and horrible . like a five year old's . so i suggest that you don't click to enlarge the scanned drawing . i suppose that reverse psychology doesn't really work in this context so oh wells , but please do not click it D: i'd probably try to do another real detailed one sometime . haha , did this when i was bored reading R&J at night ;D i finished the second r&j guidebook yay . yeah , took a long time compared to the first one where i took only a night . but oh wells .

okay so today had guides initiative like yesterday (: yeah , two consecutive days . but i feel healthy now (: yay . played super a lot of physical games . i really like balls . oh and yesterday i was shooting hoops . i tried ten times , and the ball got into the net nine times (: PRO OR NOT ;D heehee , no larh . i don't know why yesterday i was lucky or just suddenly grew taller .

anyway , yesterday after guides , i overslept on the bus and took all the way to hougang = = freaking angry at myself but haha , bought m&ms there . LOL . then today after guides i rushed to hougang to meet emily . met and i ate then we played at the playground awhile and then tried to find the bubble tea shop where brian bought the bubble tea on wednesday . yay we found it and bought . then we went to the shop beside it and bought party poopers . we wanted to scare the boys . haha . then went to her house to change .

went down and some boys were there already . but we failed larh . didn't scare them at all . then film film and finally it's completed . haha sorry guys i kept laughing . then saw delvin and cheryl wee (:

gahhhhhhh im tried .

bye ;D

p/s: i feel like locking my blog . should i ? D:

LEARNING ABOUT POVERTY IS QUITE VERY INTERESTING . and christina calls me a mugger ): LOL IM NOT MUGGING IM JUST EXPANDING MY KNOWLEDGE ;D reading books on poverty aint mugging . a mugger reads TEXTBOOKS (:

hahaaaa , im like preparing for jc's KI / GP paper . but im not ;D i just have an interest in poverty . whoooo has niceeeeeeeee websites on this topic ? gimmeeeee (:

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