Monday, November 22, 2010

heyyyyyy (:

this song is making me go crazy . really . i don't usually fangle over girls . but ,


(: i've been following this youtube musician since she was just a nobody , playing on her piano and singing in her humble bedroom . now , she's still not signed , but she's kind of discovered , moving on to the occasional more professional videos [see above ;D] and being an extra in a selena gomez advert (: i don't really like sam tsui , i don't know why D: he's voice is good and all but oh wells .

i love youtube , really . i think i've said this before when i was raving about marie digby but youtube really makes everything so much more personal . it's really quite amazing how much a difference youtube has made to so many people's lives .

oh anyway i went for CIP today (: helped out at some childcare centre (: haha there's this cute primary five boy who's really mischievous but super cute . when i say cute , i don't mean baby cute , i actually mean handsome cute ;D heeee , really . i think i'm in love . but i didn't get his name ): nor number . AHAHAAAAA . im serious kay . straight face -> ._. okay seriously i don't hit on younger guys d: i don't even hit on anyone , kay . i just crush people secretly mamamia .

kay can't wait for tomorrow (:

ANGELIA , JUSTINE , GILLIAN , HUIMIN ;DD fun times we'll haveeeee (: awesome much . back to the old days of having a classic picnic ;D seeee you alllll (: latecomers will be prosecuted .

kaythanksbye .


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