Thursday, November 25, 2010

okay so this is my second post of today . because the previous one was just something crazy . a spur - of - the - moment thing .

oh yes just in case the previous post was freaking weird because it was a freaking early and tired morning thing , let me repeat my point . so RYANHIGA 'S new film ASS , was to come out on 2411'10 , which was yesterday . but america , being slower than us = = , meant that we had to wait for the film to be released . so i went to sleep at nine plus and set the alarm clock and the alarm on my phone to trigger at two . AND OHMY WHAT A SURPRISE . i woke up dudes (:

then pretty soon , the movie was released . darn nice . i wish i was taylor though ): then i would have gotten that kiss . my dream of being his wife flew away D:

okay , then today went for my grandpa's death anniversary .
nothing much to say i guess . yearly ritual .

and long overdued photos i found in my handphone (:

cup noodles i was eating at emily's house the playground there (:

heh we were supposed to pen down well wishes for next year . instead , i scribbled this on (:

and hmmm , doodled this on my hand during detention (:

now i'm gonna talk about the 23 of november (:

went out with angelia , huimin , justine & gillian ;D
met at dhoby ghaut mrt at 10 am , then we mrt-ed to marina bay and took a shuttle bus to marina barrage . it's damn freaking long waiting for the bus . the frequency is not often at all . okay then when we went there , went straight to the water playground ;D we got super soaked . i didn't bring clothes to change but the sun was burning bright , so i got dry in no time . but it was damn fun larh .

fail jump shot (:

heh i think i look cool ;D but yeah i look weird without my specs but because i hate water on specs , i rather not see clearly than keep cleaning my specs .

then we went to the top there (; and had a picnic ;D huimin brought bread , justine brought salami and tuna and prawn crackers , gillian brought ham , i brought cheese and chips and angelia brought eggs and the small cute thing . i love her eggs larh ;D it's made with love . you see ? so cute (:

heart shaped eggs (:

our lunch ! ;D

angelia's uber cute mini heart shaped sandwich (:

our sandwiches ! i think mine looks the most practical and sandwich-like (: guess which one it is ! ;D

it's this one (; yay ;D

my magnum gold (: it's darn gold but it's not really nice . and pretty ex too , for something not so nice tasting . but i got a new profile picture (:

okay after eating we attempted to fly our kites . super fail larh . mine was very lousy haha . that explains its uber cheap price . oh so we used angelia's ! (: it was also very fail . we were running like crazy . then there was this guy who was like a professional . his kite needed four strings but he controlled it so well it like , didn't even need wind to fly .

then we tried for very hard and i think he saw us , so he came to us and taught us how to put the kite's stick the right way . i felt super noob haha . then ange's kite could fly pretty high and for a longer period of time . haha , only me and angelia were enthu about it . the other three were just sitting under the shelter . and they still said they wanted to get tanner -.-

okay then played with my bubbles and off we went home (: angelia went to get her DSLR . uber cool , take photos of me kay ? (:

oh yes look at my tagbox !
ryan tagged ! I TELL YOU , THAT'S RYAN HIGA MAN ;DD yay .
i am not deceiving myself . really . that's not spam . that's not junk . that's not some random person asking me to visit their website . that's ryan higa .

seriously .

oh yes and the psle results for this year are released !

congrats to those who did well , and work harder to those who didn't ! life does not end at psle . wake up and smell the flowers , many many things await you guys (:

love ,
liyin (:

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