Wednesday, October 13, 2010

" freedom is the last , best hope of earth " ~abraham lincoln


soo ...

the EYAs [EOYs] are officially overrrr ! ;D
yeah , its the day after the end of EYAs(: ended with maths , which was ... surprisingly smooth - sailing (: YAY ahahaaaaa , freedom at last .

so today's marking day . I HAD A BLAST yesterday at KBOX ORCHARD CINELEISURE .
okay , so went there right after maths lesson with justine , jie lin , gillian , hui min , lei zuo and valerie (:

we went to ion orchard to change , cos apparently they had lovely toilets . LOL , super funny . then we mrt-ed to somerset . walked to cineleisure . then we took a lift to kbox . then it was like , the place had the smell of cigarettes and alcohol and looked really ... idk ? and my friends were like ... erhhhh ... but yeah , they weren't open yet ? so yeah , we were hungry and went to burger king to grab a bite . haha , i ordered the espresso sundae , and it was really bitter . it was nice at first , then bitter at the end . so i threw it away . NOT A LOT . just the teeny weeny bitter part . trust me , i didn't waste food . okay , so my friends were reluctant to go to kbox , they thought it be sleazy but i convinced them (: if they dont try , they won't know (:

so we all ordered the klunch , which came with a room with KARAOKEEEEE (: $14 . 20 , which was pretty much a steal . so we went into the room . it was quite small but cosy . and there's no strange smell or anything . there was this huge selection of songs . i swear they have everything . whatever language you ask for too .

so we sang sang sang . drinks came . DRANK LOTS OF (root) BEER ! continued singing . I SANG ALL THE MICHAEL JACKSON SONGGGGGGGGS ! and a lot of super nice ones . there were mics and it was so cool (: then lunch came . i ordered chicken chop . the food was a bit ... crappy , though . there were fries , two cream puffs , peas , watermelon and chicken chop or fish & chips . yeah , then sang for three hours (:

then went to the neoprints shop ! ;D haha , took twice . but the amazing booth with the awesome frames was out of order D: boo . then some of them had to go to moelc to get their 3rd lang papers . i went home with jie lin . at first i wanted to like , stop at any random mrt and just randomly walk , but i was in pain and not feeling very well D:

hee , so came back and went to FACEBOOOOOKKKK , which i have not entered in ages (:
okay , so i slacked today . my life is totally worthless . i can't upload the photos due to some reasons ): its marking day today and tomorrow [have i mentioned this before ?] but i still have to go back tomorrow for a latin american jive dance exam = =
but going to gillian's house after that ! ;D heehee ,

yeah , but these are all minor outings , apart from the minor outings , i'm looking forward to the super epic short film thing with the 6r7-ers ! cant wait ahahahaaa . need to memorise my lines . LOL i feel silly . impromptu would be nice .

alright ,
toodles (:

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