Monday, October 11, 2010

" life is like melted ice cream . you can never rewind the time . " ~ anonymous


so , i missed 10/10/10 10 : 10 ! i forgot all about it D: ridiculous . i was too intent on mugging for biology ): so had biology today D: it wasn't all good . argh . ahahaha , but we had this bonus question and it was cool (: if some smarty from the gep class gets full marks and did the bonus question , then she would get 65 upon 60 . ahaha , that's so cool . oh but i think i screwed bio up . for real . it was terrible . seriously :/

oh , and the geog which kills people's brains ? i practically vomited everything out . my hand was like holding the pen and the pen was moving at some incredible speed (: hopefully , my geog would be okay . cos i blew it for the mid year test .

YAY im left with two more papers (: history & math ;D i haven't memorised history yet and well , my math is really rusty . when i say really , i mean really . i think i forgot what algebra is . ARGH . i had better go and study D:

OH and i cant wait for wednesday (: it would be temporary freedom for a while till my mother forces me to read ahead for sec 2 or something . GOING OUTTTT ;D to kbox and neoprints (: awesome much . ahahaaaa , LALALALALAAAAAAA . i just need to pull through this 2 more exams . three more hours of pure silence and scribbling of pens .

love , liyin (:

P / S : omg , im totally in love with this new person , as in like people i look up to and admire and FANGLE over LOL . he's called BANKSY . and he's awesome . really . he's a graffiti artist and he's works are WHOAAAAAAAAAAA , BAABOM ! and they have messages too . and he's strong beliefs are really awesome . go check him out on wiki or something (: PEACE . oh and he did this super cool simpsons couch gag , which really shows his ideals on capitalism , if i'm not wrong . i'm just seeing his art from my perspective and stuff , but yeah , it's not necessarily true . okay , shall put the couch gag here (: by the way , a couch gag is something before the show , like the intro and stuffs . go check he's ARTWORKS out . seriously , u should . it's amazing .

EYAs : seven down , two to go (:

two more days . i'll wait for my freedom ;D

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