Sunday, October 17, 2010

" music is what feelings sound like " ~ anonymous


i'm probably the worst going - on grade 8 piano player ever . i don't play out music , i play out notes . i don't play with feelings , i play with fingers . seriously . i am horrible . the nine years i spent learning to play the piano is probably wasted . down the drain . really .

oh anyway , i have changed the music at the playlist thing on the left of my blog . and of course , also changed the list of songs on the right of my blog . the songs are awesome . especially the first two (: cos it's by the 3 people i was hyperventilating about in my previous blog post (:

the first one is by RYAN HIGA (: it's a parody of far east movement 's song G6 , and it's called LIKE A GOOD BOY . it's awesome .

the second is by KEVIN WU & PHILIP WANG (: and david choi too . but anyway , it's called DANCE TO THIS SONG . it's awesome too . check it out ;D

alright , done (:
bye ;D


p/s : oh and my freaking email got hacked . i sent out those virus emails to people , including my penpal from america and seniors . total embarrassment D: but thanks to leonard for telling me about this virus removal thing (:

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