Good Vibes Festival 2018, Malaysia (On Film)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Here's Good Vibes Festival 2018 at Genting Highlands, Malaysia from 21-22 July 2018, shot with a Kodak single-use disposable camera. 

Amazing atmosphere at an open field in a little township in Malaysia, the perfect cooling no-rain weather, delicious and affordable grub, and the very best company. The weekend truly felt like a dream that I did not want to wake up from, but I'm so glad for my very first music festival experience. Damn, what a great one it was. 

Disappearing into lush greenery and misty skies.  

Location out of a fairytale, away from the hustle and bustle of city life - what a timely getaway. 

Yellow yellow dirty fellow. 

Absolutely love the acid-wash style we have going on here. 

Petit Biscuit played Sunset Lover as the sun was literally setting, providing a stunning backdrop against the stage. 

Strobe lights, dark skies, clammy bodies - but having the time of our lives. 

Thank you for making me feel so safe and secure throughout the two nights. 

The Neighbourhood. Insane stage presence, fan service and vocals - although slightly too deafening for my liking. 

What a view. 

For the sake of our physical well-being, we decided to give SZA a pass and called it a night. The cable car ride back was a serene experience, and we shared two scoops of Baskin Robins for supper. No regrets. 

A selection of intricately plated sweet and savoury pastries paired with warm and comforting English teas for hi-tea brunch to start the second day right. This was at e18hteen at Maxims Hotel and I highly recommend it for the ambiance, quality, and relative affordability. 

Hello, mister. 

Everything was great, although the scones with clotted cream and jam are worth a special mention. 

HONNE. I was so stoked to catch them live (making sure we rushed through our dinner of Korean fried chicken wings so we wouldn't be late), and I was not disappointed at all. I am absolutely in love with this band and almost every single track they have produced. 

Grooving to HONNE. 

My best friend was also there with her boyfriend - in fact, we traveled up to Genting Highlands together. I love her to bits. 

Not sure if Sir Stamford Raffles or boy. 

Lorde. I can't believe I went from singing 'Royals' incessantly in secondary four to watch her live in almost literally the middle of nowhere. Her set was predictable but great, her stage presence had the right balance of personal touch and choreographed showmanship, and her vocals are out of this world. What an absolute joy. This photograph doesn't do justice to how close to the stage we were - but thank you for making sure I got the best view. 

What a night, what a weekend, what an experience. Truth be told, I had reservations initially but this music festival was homely, welcoming and safe. 

The final sip of the hot chocolate that we both fell in love with in Genting. Somehow, neither of us ordered this drink before, back in Singapore. 

Driving down winding roads from the peak at Genting Highlands. 

Sights and sounds from the coach - this particular one reminds me of a scene from a Wes Anderson-type film. 

The famous stopover point I haven't visited in years. And nothing's really changed. 

My all-time favourite mee rebus! Hygiene levels not guaranteed though. 

Final selfie of the trip. Eyes screaming fatigue, but hearts filled to the brim. 

Best weekend of 2018 thus far. Thank you. 

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