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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Why, hello there.

It has been six months since I last updated this space, and I'm really quite disappointed with myself for not checking in here more often. I've essentially missed out on writing about how I spent my first summer break in university as well as the first semester of year two of university - two periods of time in a really long while that I found myself truly growing, and truly enjoying everything that's happening around me. 

But hey, I'll be clearing my backlog the moment finals are over, and hopefully everything stays fresh in my mind. For whom to read though, I'll never know. This blog has literally faded into obscurity (if you google my name - which I am guilty of doing quite often - it's no longer one of the top search results unlike in the past). That said, I will never let this blog die, it's so nice to have a place where I get to freely share my thoughts, and archive my memories, and open it up to anyone who's interested enough to stumble upon it. 

Plus, I've kept my winter relatively free (yes - no surprise internships, not many school commitments and no overseas trips) so I'll be on here more often. Truly can't wait to chill out, and write for writing's sake. 

Yes, I know, writing without a purpose sounds like a bad idea, but after spending my entire summer break writing for Singapore's largest broadsheet, I really just need to set aside time to write for myself. Borrowing the words of a medium article I chanced upon: 

"Many of us self-proclaimed writers often write because it feels good. It gives our brains a chance to catch up with the rest of our lives. It gives our minds a chance to make sense of the rest of our world. More importantly, it gives our feelings a chance to feel worth something." 

Beautifully encapsulated. I can't agree more.

Plus I do feel like my engine has been running on an overdrive ever since summer started (juggling internship with orientation responsibilities and a really long case competition) till now (overloading modules together with working as a marketing and communications assistant and handling CCA stuff). I really haven't had time to think about all the stuff I somehow piled onto my own plate. 

Thankfully I'm not burnt out yet - in fact everything's been pretty pleasant. Now I just need to survive finals and give myself a nice, slow-paced break this winter. 

For now, I'd just like to share that I feel like I'm in a really, really good place in terms of my emotional well-being. Going to school doesn't feel that much of a chore and I do look forward to every single day, possibly because many of the modules I chose this semester are topics I actually do fancy. 

Also, I don't feel unnecessarily stressed out by the highly-judgmental environment business school places us in anymore because I've come to realize that these judgements really don't matter (sure, it's cliche but it's true). I've learnt to focus on what's important, and the thought that I have complete control over how my future plays out is giving me a lot of adrenaline and drive to do well in the areas my heart desires. I've also become more open to the thought of meeting new people, it doesn't intimidate me anymore and I really like that. I think it's partly because I'm now a lot more comfortable in my own skin, and all the training I got as a pseudo journalist. 

I shall end this post with two terrible shots from my film roll (yes - not that Gudak stuff yo) this semester. I don't know what's up with this batch but these are the only acceptable ones, and even these are blurry. Oh well, I do quite like them still. Reminds us that there's beauty in mundane places. 

Sunset at UTown - I spent a whole load of my time here while preparing for my mid-term tests. And even stayed overnight here trying to complete two submissions (I stayed up for 45 hours straight, which was memorable but not advisable).

View from a route that takes me from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to Business School, which I somehow found myself walking on a lot this semester. 

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