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Saturday, December 5, 2015

It has been a while since I've published anything on this space. Since then, I've completed my A Levels (although it honestly doesn't really feel like it), graduated from junior college, and been to prom. Everything feels really surreal, and I haven't had time to take everything in or reflect as much as I would've liked to, as I started my internship almost immediately after the exams. To be entirely honest, this internship is challenging with a really steep learning curve and personally, it's a lot more stressful than studying. Suddenly, things are all completely new to me but I'm learning so much through this process - immensely grateful for the opportunity. Starting work so early did make me a little bit uncomfortable though, I felt like I was moving on too quickly from my JC life. 

That aside, having my weekdays all occupied with work only leaves me with the weekends to meet up with friends and partake in the other activities I've been meaning to do for so long. Two days out of seven a week for leisure does sound quite little but it's more than enough for me. Otherwise, I'd probably be spending majority of my excessive free time lying on my bed or watching weird videos and I don't think I'd be pleased with myself if that's how I was spending post-A's. Plus I'll be getting a proper break when I head overseas at the end of this month. 

To kick it all off, last weekend was spent at the National Gallery with a few of my favourite people. It was the opening weekend, making it insanely packed which did spoil the museum-going experience a little. I'll definitely be back once the hype dies down but for now, here are some of the sights that I managed to capture. (Bringing my DSLR out once again, felt amazing) 

The queue forming outside the museum - to be honest, we got lucky and didn't have to queue even though we lost our pre-booked tickets! It started raining when we left City Hall station, which probably cleared the crowd at the gallery but the rain stopped the moment we walked into the open so we didn't have to use our umbrellas. We then managed to get in without having to wait at all and upon getting in, a queue started forming. 

Hello there, strangers. 

Phionna and Sarah admiring an art piece. 

The view from the rooftop garden of the National Gallery. It is breathtaking, and in my opinion, the best spot to view the whole of Singapore's skyline - this picture barely captures the beauty of the view from there. 

I joked that I was going to keep this photograph to post on Instagram on August 9 next year but they laughed at me and threatened to reveal my secret of pre-planning posts by commenting on it if I were to actually post it. Hopefully, they'd forget. 

There was a completely empty ballroom in the middle of the gallery, which reminded me a lot of the Beaufort's from Age of Innocence.  

Portraits of the people! My mum and myself have our faces etched on one of these as well, and although they emailed each person with their location, there were way too many faces and I didn't manage to find ours. When we were asked to draw our faces at a roadshow at Ang Mo Kio, I didn't expect this - I thought the faces were merely going to be printed out for display and not etched into an actual structure but this is pretty cool. 

Wang You, Sarah, Priya and Shermaine - blessed with beautiful friends, both inside and out. 





They told me that they wouldn't be my friend anymore if I ran through this stack of porcelain bowls. 

Wang You! 

Overall, we didn't manage to cover the entire museum - this place is huge! But from what we've seen, I think we mostly agreed that the descriptions were lacking. Unlike the other Singapore museums that we've been to, this one mostly only stated the title of the piece and the artist without much background provided. I suppose art is meant to be open for interpretation, but it makes art a lot less accessible for those who might not have knowledge or understanding of a particular historical period. 

Nonetheless, that was a good start to my post-A's adventures and I'm looking forward to posting more on this space.

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