Hi, again

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's been way too long since I last updated this space and it's honestly quite upsetting because after maintaining it for more than six years now, I wouldn't want it to let it "die". 

So hi, I'm back again, for now. 

I suppose the easiest excuse would be to blame my absence on the looming A Level examinations which I'll be taking in a couple of months, and preparation for it is taking up most of my time. But that's not good enough a reason for myself. More than anything, this is the year that I would probably want to remember the most - the little happy moments and most definitely the painful and stressful ones. I would love so badly to look back on the thoughts I had as I trudged through this journey, perhaps in a few years time and hopefully in hindsight, everything will be well worth it. 

But sigh. Rather than writing blog posts that include my own personal opinions, memories of these moments have been reduced to little squares of photographs on Instagram instead and apart from the visual, there isn't much to them - they merely act as a reminder of a certain event and its significance is lost. Sure, it's better than nothing, but I do wish I could pen down my thoughts more frequently. My brain seems to be degenerating and I don't seem to be thinking about things that actually do matter anymore, or really, about anything that all. 

And that worries me, and it's bad so I'm trying to make a come back and I'm determined to update this space more often. I don't exactly care if anyone reads it, this is for myself, this is an archive of my life and I'll be keeping it alive :-)

So yes, hi. I'll be back soon. 

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