Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hello there, 

It's been a while. Yes, it's been quite a while. 

There's always a strange pull to write about things that make me feel sad because it's the easiest way out rather than facing up to the problem, but that's not healthy and as a result of doing that, I end up overlooking the things that are lovely in my life. That's particularly unwise of me, so on this 4.29am night (this is actually very rare; ever since 2015 started, I've barely stayed past midnight), where I should be doing my pile of work which I'm evidently running away from, I look back at some of the first few moments of 2015 I managed to capture on camera. 

Where we surprised Wang You extremely belatedly (sorry Wang, but better late than never, yes? :-) thank you for your patience) 

Effortlessly photogenic 

Very happy with her cake :-) 

Shermaine has gotten the hang of using the manual focus function ;-) 

And Wang You does her signature enlarged eyes look 

This photo, that came out as a result of a badly positioned self-timer shot, provided us with a lot more laughter than Sarah probably thought necessary :') 

Two of my favourite people in the world 

Someone once told me that Bellyboing (consisting of the four pictured in this post plus Phionna, Priya and Swan) is made up of incredibly special and inspiring people and I cannot agree more. They have and will always be one of the biggest blessings in my schooling journey and I am always so thankful for them. While we all have different talents and personalities, somehow I feel like each and everyone of us have very similar interests and it's so comforting to enjoy their presence and company, no matter how increasingly difficult it is to meet up nowadays. 

With that, here's Wang You's dinner that night :-) 

This was a short post but it has been therapeutic and I don't feel the weariness of a 4.29am night anymore - thinking of them has definitely given me newfound energy. Back to work! 

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